Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets

Back in 2006 there were many allegations made with regards to corruption in British football, these allegations were made by sources both inside and outside of the game. As a result the BBC funded a Panorama special which set out to investigate.

Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets wastes no time in diving straight into the deep end of a murky world of football. Through the means of a hidden camera we as an audience get to see first hand some of the shady wheeling and dealing that went on between agents, managers and high ranking club officials, all of which was filmed undercover by Knut auf dem Berge, a freelance coach posing as a prospective football agent.

The footage itself shows how many players under contract are being illegally “tapped-up” to other clubs and features the likes of Sam Allardyce, Craig Allardyce, Harry Redknapp, Kevin Bond, Frank Arnesen plus several high profile agents.

Due to the upset caused by this film the Football Association commissioned a report from thr former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Lord Stevens. This lead to an investigation which was carries out by the London police and lead to many arrests being made.

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