Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed Jamie Bulger

This episode of Dispatches from Channel 4 examines the crime which shook Britain to its very core, the murder of 2 year old James Bulger in 1993. More specifically it sets sights on James’ killers Robert Thompson (born 23 August 1982) and Jon Venables (born 13 August 1982) at 10 years of age these two carried out such a horrendous crime it seemed unimaginable that two 10 year olds could even contemplate let alone carry out.

Released in 2001 this film was made in response to the growing anger that the people of Britain were feeling towards the release of Thompson and Venables and also as to how well they were treated whilst in prison. Most people felt they had it too easy.

This documentary sets out to shine a light on the public outcry whilst also unearthing new photos of how the boys look now and the potential attacks they may face if released.

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  1. Watched the documentary last night ,I had seen bits before but absolutely heartbreaking, the vile evil individuals and they are got off lightly I don’t care what anyone says , I couldn’t be a mom but i have nieces and nephews who i would protect with my life , what james family had too endure is absolutely horrendous, and wouldn’t stop fighting for justice either , rip 🙏 james 🙏 😢

  2. Jon Venables has gone on to be charged with possession indecent images of children, hundreds of them the worst category, and a ‘manual’ on how to s/a young children. Obviously we need to make sure we aren’t further damaging or traumatising young offenders, we know so much now about psychological development and how a lot stems from childhood/trauma/mental illness/brain damage etc. It’s important to try to rehabilitate people who can be rehabilitated; they should not go without anything they need, but want? trips? I’m sorry, but those boys got more support both in their emotional wellbeing & education than a lot of kids in the UK get & at least one of them has just grown up to be a sickening nonce, and is still being protected. There’s a middle ground between cruelly locking up a child for life with nothing and giving him a better life than the majority of poor or disabled children in the UK have. He basically had 8 years of being looked after better than he was at home, then sent into the world to reoffend under the security of anonymity.

  3. listen, they didn’t do enough time I don’t care what their home life was like they knew what they were doing is wrong and I can’t believe that they thought shoving them in a room with some therapy and anything they wanted is going to fix the problem. yes teach them to be integrated back into society but DO NOT let them buy designer clothes and let them have things that aren’t needed. now I understand why everyone is upset and I completely understand why people are upset about them only spending 8 years and they have every right especially since one of the boys has already reoffended multiple times. and they keep giving him a new identity but went and told someone who he really was and then I got up in jail for his own safety saying that they weren’t going to give him a new identity if he was just going to run his mouth about who he really is. this is why people are upset they didn’t learn well at least one of them didn’t and that just proves peoples worries were well-founded

  4. The Mother of the killers said her so roamed the streets till midnight, stole from shops, truanted from school. She stated she didnt know what to do but wouldnt phone the Police cus of social services getting involved?!?! Thats excatley what the kid needed and if they had been dealt with properly James may well be alive today. Bad parenting to say the least. Evil fuckers.

    • She didn’t know what to do? What a dumbass, you grab a belt, or a sandal and instill some discipline. This kid was ruling his parent instead of the other way around