Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

Many things have been going wrong in the 2000 presidential election. This documentary shows how George W. Bush stole his seat in the white house with a corrupt system that allowed manipulated voting machines, police blokades in black neighbourhoods and not to forget the help of his Brother, the Governor of Floriada. They even put thousands of innocent people on a list of “criminals” that are not allowed to vote. Let’s find out if anything has changed since the last election and if the presidential election 2008 between John McCain and Barack Obama will be as democratic as the United States of America pretend to be.

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  1. DREAM ON!! I don’t like Joe Biden myself for a couple reasons that I won’t go into and I also liked Hillary Clinton who was setup big time, because she was a threat to Trump’s campaign of lies and she would not have been a rich man’s president and a lap dog for the Bilderbergs, like all presidents (except President O’Bama) have been since the Bilderbergs murdered Jack Kennedy because he refused to invade south Vietnam. Even though I don’t like Joe Biden at all, I can’t stand Don The Con, or The Orangesicle as I call him. That man is a habitual liar and a war monger who took us to the brink of war with Iran over their nuclear arms reduction program. Iran signed a nuclear arms reduction deal with President O’Bama that both sides were content with, so there was no reason at all for Trump to be hassling them. NOT good with Muslim tempers. Trump was recorded on the telephone asking the president of the Ukraine to help stack the 2020 election in Trump’s favor!!! God!!! Trump lost the 2020 election fair and square. Vote by mail is very secure, you can look up online all the security features and procedures used for vote by mail. Trump lost that election fair and square. He wouldn’t leave the Whitehouse because his team of lawyers and constitutional experts were trying to find a way he could legally justify declaring martial law in the U.S and declaring the election void. That’s disgusting!! It’s equally disgusting how Bush Jr rigged and stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. Bush used the police, his brother, labeling innocent people as criminals so they couldn’t vote and even using the supreme court (3 of the judges were appointed by daddy) to stop a recount that would’ve showed Al Gore still won the election, beating Bush Jr, despite Jr’s shameful and barely hidden cheating. Yet the public did nothing. The founding fathers committed treason over a 2% federal tax, knowing if they were caught they would be humiliated, tortured, then drawn & quartered, while also putting their families in serious danger. Yet people today barely raise an eyebrow when a president candidate or a current president cheats their way into the presidency. Regardless of what political party any of us support, we should be ready for a full scale revolution, so we can take OUR country back.

  2. A nice propaganda piece. Now the left steals elections.