The Unspeakable Crime: Rape

Somebody gets raped every 6 minutes in Britain, with a shocking statistic such as this, this documentary by the BBC sets about exploring rape in a new way, unseen on television before this film examines the forensic medical to police investigation, court and beyond, offering a unique and revealing perspective on rape in the UK today.

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  1. My name is Ramadan, I am from turkey When I was watching this doc, I had a temptation that I thought the rapists shouldn’t have a right of live and if any of these rape happens of my loved persons (such as my girlfriend or sister) I will not wait to justice from government, I am going kill all of these rapists.

  2. The youngest was a three week old. Just hearing that has deeply traumatized me. I wish I could protect every baby in the world.

  3. if these statistic are true it because england has such a large muslim population like in sweden its not white men committing rape muzzes are

    • Aw for fuck sake get a life white black brown choose your color of skin in every race they are these fuckers who raped women period your just a racist moron !

  4. the race of the rapist….enjoy your immigration Britain

  5. Best rule: Don’t rape people.

  6. Rule 1. Don’t drink that much.
    Rule 2. Know the entire history of your drink before sipping it,