The Untold History of the United States

The Untold History of the United States is a 12 part documentary series which was directed, produced and narrated by Academy Award winning writer/director Oliver Stone. The series is an uncompromising examination of the history of the United States, it provides us with a crucial counter-point to the tendency towards self-congratulation with regards to ones own historical past.

Stone shines a light on many important facts of modern history which have not necessarily been suppressed in anyway but rather conveniently forgotten in favour of more dressed up / politically correct versions of what actually happened. In layman terms, the United States were not always the “good guys” they made themselves out to be and the “bad guys” were sometimes made worse as a direct result of how they were treated.

This film may be hard for many people to watch, some will feel they have been lied to by mainstream media and others will feel outraged by Stone’s audacity in challenging their patriotic vision of America. In any case it is important to keep an open mind and stick with it as the truth, uncomfortable as it can be, can teach us important things about the world and ourselves.

List of Episodes:

  1. Prologue: Chapter B – 1920-1940, Franklin D.Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin
  2. Prologue: Chapter A – World War I, the Russian Revolution & Woodrow Wilson
  3. Chapter 1: World War Two
  4. Chapter 2: Roosevelt, Truman and Wallace
  5. Chapter 3: The Bomb
  6. Chapter 4: The Cold War 1945-1950
  7. Chapter 5: The 50s – Eisenhower, the Bomb & the Third World
  8. Chapter 6: JFK – To the Brink
  9. Chapter 7: Johnson, Nixon & Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune
  10. Chapter 8: Reagan, Gorbachev & Third World – Rise of the Right
  11. Chapter 9: Bush & Clinton – Squandered Peace and New World Order
  12. Chapter 10: Bush & Obama – Age of Terror
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  1. *Sips tea while right wing extremists storm the Captiol*

    You were saying what not about “leftists”? That comment aged like a fine wine. Everything Stone says in this series is on point, and there’s a good reason it’s so hard to find.

  2. “No official apology has ever been issued by the United States.” So the film says at minute 50 in episode 9 or 10….. indeed! And I’ve been watching this all night. No, it’s not new to me, I lived through it all, I’m 80 now ….. what can I say, I lived it all….. and we knew it all back then, we knew what Nixon and Johnson and all the other idiots, going back to Eisenhower, were doing, how do you hide genocide and such blatant aggression all over the planet. Military bases in every country…… Thank you Oliver Stone, for reminding Americans that their government thugs are no different than any other thugs of the world, so everyone please open your eyes and stop selling out to the morons who get elected. What a disgrace, as the world’s poor suffer from such ignorance and deception, yes, the ignorance and deception of the United States Government, while its’ citizens are constantly bombarded with new toys and gimmicks to blind us from reality. Perhaps we’ll know shortly as recent changes in climate patterns suggest that our megalomanical desire to consume every drop of the planet’s oil to support this ‘civilization’ we’ve created may just ‘turn up the heat’ on us all, the blessed as well as the cursed…….

    I remember well what I saw and experienced as I traveled the world back then, as when I first worked in Sicily in 1964 and saw ‘Get out of Vietnam’ painted on walls and buildings. Only later did I learn that by cutting the tie between our money and gold could the bankers put our entire country in debt trillions of dollars…. a catastrophe just now unfolding. Ever notice that children are never taught anthropology or economics, or mythology? We’re brainwashed from birth by parents and everyone else….. taught to ‘fit in’, yes, to fit in at all costs, do not question authority…… do not make waves…… it’s all madness I tell you.

    Again, thank you Oliver Stone…….

    • Could NOT have said it better myself… this aMERICA is and has always been the real Terrorist country for the last century. The media brainwashing is the real surprise here.Even when the real truth escapes… the people are incapable of believing it. Well…here is an aMERICAN director, story-teller and historian, who has been in Viet-Nam and has the intelligence to honestly call out his own government and people to document the abuse this country has cast upon the worlds people for decade after decade. This continual war-against-? that this country starts are not against threats to its borders or safety of its citizens, but as Stone states…RESOURCE WARS…where a country stands up to rape of its resources and must be marginalized and murdered in order to give this behemoth what it demands. It is a country built on the business of ” Defense “… which must be the most utterly ridiculous use of the word when the true term should be ” Offense “.
      Oliver Stone has created a MASTERPIECE of honest film-making which is utterly mystifying considering the country in which he has been brought up in.Maybe the world still has a glimmer of hope left…but i wouldnt bet on it.

      • Mike, I’ll just follow up on my comment a little. I don’t know your age but your perceptions correspond to mine, and I remember back to the 70’s when the Club of Rome and Zero Population Growth and some other groups were beginning, but it seems there were never enough people who perceived the necessity of those organizations, or the consequences of not following them. I feared the demise of the dollar, but there’s been no collapse yet, only debt now in the trillions….. who can even comprehend trillions? O% interest rates never occurred before the Fed and before 1930, in all our history. Since 1912 we see an exponential increase in debt and currency, a total destruction of not only ours, but the world’s currency…. I sincerely hope I am wrong…….. And perhaps the toughest part is to see the moral degeneracy, and I refer specifically to the prisons the US has shown us, both in Iraq and in Cuba…. What a disgrace.

        And I certainly hope Oliver Stones film reaches far and wide…….


      • Yes, I agree, I think it’s all about the oil …… Amazingly we’ve burned through oil that required millions of years to produce, oil that we’ll likely totally consume in maybe two centuries at best. Perhaps something will save us, maybe thorium, who knows. Has everyone seen Al Bartlett’s video regarding exponential growth of the population as well as of our resource depletion? Amazing analysis….. We also see exponential functions with respect to our money supply and the creation of endless dollars of debt, a ticking time-bomb to my mind.

        • Same crap the alarmists were trying to hoist upon us in the 90s. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. History has proven that the leftists who want to use this kind of crap to control every part of our lives are simply wrong.

          • Leftists, rightists, what difference does it make, the people are continually divided by these ideas as the money and power people assume greater wealth and control. I’m told that 1% of the population controls over 50% of the wealth, and that by keeping people in debt they keep control over them. Might be true, that if a man risks losing house and car because of his beliefs, and because he protests against these powerful people….. We’ve got to get beyond the ‘right’ and ‘left’ mentality, I don’t think it helps…..

          • And 1%ing is the solution? Seriously?

            If you want to look at who is keeping the common people down, look at the organization that takes on the average 27% of your income and gives you very little back in benefits.

            Bill Gates has never threatened me with jail if I fail to purchase his products. But don’t pay your taxes and you will go there.

          • No, 1848, absolutely not, I’m suggesting that the 1% of our population IS the problem, not the solution. And the irony in your remark regarding 27% taxes is that there is NO LAW in the USA that requires you to pay taxes. (See the documentary by Anthony Russo for the grim reality regarding that subject.) I meant to imply that the problem centers about the 1% of the population that keeps the other 99% divided, in one way or another such as ‘right’ and ‘left’, and who likely decides whether and where we will go to war. There’s nothing like a war to direct the population’s anger towards someone else……..towards another country or even groups now, such as the Taliban and other rebel organizations. But as Guy McPherson reminds us in his blog ‘The Nation Bats Last’ there likely may exist a greater threat to our longevity in the ecological arena, which the 1% seems oblivious to for whatever reason, perhaps their obsession with money and power precludes attention to it …….. And also please look at Al Bartlett’s video regarding exponential growth for an incredible analysis of what our growth really implies……

          • No law that requires you to pay taxes eh? Well there ya go. That worked great for Capone, Willie Nelson and Martha Stewart.

            Trust me, you need not try to convince me of anything more.

          • Whatever…..