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Government and politics is something that we collectively should have transcended a long time ago, yet it still exists and it’s still part of the average individual’s life.

We as individuals have continued to give our power away to people who we think know what is best for us and we’re always relinquishing our individual responsibility, our individual divinity to other people who they themselves don’t even know what is even good for them. And we continue to do this collectively.

Most of it is because we are all indoctrinated from birth to uphold this sort of status quo of how things supposedly work on this planet. When you’re child you’re taught from your parents that government and politics is just part of our lives. It just has to be there because these people know what is best for us.

Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when you understand what our government really is. We should be understanding that if these are not natural systems we need to transcend them and try to find out a way for the individual and the collective to move forward pass these illusionary boundaries of politics and government, because that’s all they are. They’re illusionary boundaries that continue to suppress the individual, which is the suppression of the society.

We can never step into an enlightened society if the individual continues to believe that they need to vote for a certain person, or they need to be part of a certain political party, or they need to uphold the current government. We’re never going to move forward, we’re going to continue to slip further into the devolution of the specie. The planet will move on, the human species will be gone, because we continue to uphold unnatural systems. We have to move pass them.

To articulate this, the great British philosopher Alan Watts once said:

When it comes down to it, government is simply an abandonment of responsibility on the assumption that there are people other than us who really know how to manage things. But the government, run ostensibly for the good of the people, becomes a self-serving corporation. To keep things under control it proliferates laws of ever increasing complexity and unintelligibly, and hinders productive work while demanding so much accounting on paper that the record of what has been done becomes more important than what has actually been done.

In the current anxiety concerning overpopulation, pollution, ecological imbalance, and the potential of disasters of nuclear fusion, it is only seldom recognized that governed nations have become self destroying institutions, paralyzed and bogged in their own complications, and suffocated beneath mountains of paper.

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