Produced and directed by the Australian based journalist John Pilger, Utopia is a feature documentary which explores the prejudice that those of Aboriginal heritage experience in modern Austrailia. The title itself Utopia, is gotten from the Aboriginal homeland community of Utopia, Northern Territory. This region is one of the poorest and most desolate areas found in Austrailia.

Prior to the European invasion of 1788 the black Aboriginal people had been living on the lands of what is now Austrailia for thousands of years. Those who invaded the land showed little regard for the rights of these natives and throughout the years destroyed their tribes through the means of violence, concentration camps and the spreading of devastating diseases.

To this day there is still a strong sense of discrimination for the native Aboriginal people. Utopia highlights this fact by revealing some shocking truths, Aboriginal Australians are currently imprisoned at a rate which is 10 times higher than seen in South Africa with black people under apartheid rule and rates of rheumatic heart disease and trachoma among Aboriginal Australians are some of the highest in the world and suicide rates are increasing, especially among youths.


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