Valveman is the story of one mans lifetime obsession vintage radio,told with warmth,humour and innovation.
Gerald Wells is Valveman.his lifes work has been to amass one of the worlds largest collections of valves,vintage radios and other media devices from the pioneering days of mass communication.These are kept in his house in London.
This documentary film innovatively blends,using a variety of motion design and filmed re-enactments,the last hundred years since radio began through to the early years of television
Submitted By: Simon Pattison

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  1. Gerald sadly is no longer with us but his legend lives on . We are aiming to add a befitting end piece to the documentary soon.

  2. Discovered Gerry Wells through his book “Obsession” which I found at
    The Bakelite Museum in Williton Somerset
    He reminds me of Richard Feynman in his single minded pursuit of his muse

    This is a beautiful piece of film making. I loved it..

  3. Left myself short of time to visit the museum when in London October 2011, but felt honoured to have a phone chat with Gerald Wells at the time. Just decided to look for reference to the documentary on the internet and got more than I expected! Great work. 

  4. I could not agree more Glenn, nicely spoken.

  5. This is not just a documentary but a work of genius.

    The story telling of a collector is quite easy but the genius lies in how Simon and his creative director take it to another level of engagement, drawing you into the drama.

    This is why the BBC, Hori\zons etc deserves top awards for investing in quality. As a broadcaster they provide the viewers the opportunity to view historical relevant pieces.

    Great job