A Very British Gangster

‘A Very British Gangster’ delves deep into the world of Dominic Noonan, the kingpin of one of the UKs most notorious crime families, based in Manchester. Also known by the name of Lattlay Fottfoy (an acronym for Look After Those That Look After You Fuck Off Those That Fuck Off You), Dominic has spent 22 out of his 39 years in prison with over 40 convictions under his belt, ranging from armed robberies and prison escapes to alleged gangland related murders.

Film maker Donald Maclntye follows Dominic as he gets acquitted from trial to trial as the police, not being able to convict him of a major charge, keeps pulling him in for minor ones. This documentary is a treat for gangster film fans as it’s full with the genre stereotypes such as huge funerals, the local boxing club, an aspiring club singer and Dominic’s crew dressed in suits reminiscent of a very British and very gritty scene from ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

Parallel to the criminal and violent aspect, the film also explores the deprived areas in Manchester, where Dominic is considered a pillar of the community. Instead of going to the police, many seek Noonan to solve their problems, whether it’s resolving a dispute over a baby’s custody or “sorting out” someone who is considered a threat. As the film plays out Noonan talks about his homosexuality, his relationship with the church and his closeness to the young ones in the family.

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