A Very Sicilian Justice: Taking on the Mafia

In Palermo, Sicily, judge Antonino Di Matteo is chief prosecutor in an unprecedented trial where politicians, police and the mafia are all sitting in the courtroom dock together. Di Matteo is now the most threatened man in Italy and the most protected with over 20 bodyguards surround him and protecting his every move 24/7.

Standing on trial are 10 men who have been accused of playing a role in conspiracy between the mafia and state, five of these men are mafia bosses and the other five are members of the political establishment.

A key aspect to this particular case is the tale of Italy’s most famous anti-mafia judges, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. These judges were responsible for the largest mafia trail in history, where 346 out of the 475  Cosa Nostra members who were brought to trail were convicted back in the 80’s. This resulted in both judges being later assassinated

Inspired by the actions of these judges Di Matteo is now starting to pick up where they left off in an attempt to shine a light on what happened during the so called “season of terror” which occurred between 1991 – 1994. This period saw the mafia carry out a many number of bombings and murders in an effort to force a negotiation with the government.

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