Vikings Unearthed

The Vikings, Scandinavian warriors who plundered and pillaged over a thousand years ago, their brutality became legendary as they left a trail of violence across Europe. For centuries viking longships terrorised people from Ireland to the Caspian Sea, however they were not just raiders they were also traders and explorers who ventured further than any Europeans before them.

Now archaeologist are on their trail in order to uncover the truth behind their secrets, revealing the techniques used to master early metal production, construct ships that could withstand the roughest seas and the biggest mystery of all, how far did the Vikings go? Did they discover North America long before Columbus?

Using the latest technology one scientist by the name of Sarah Parcak is retracing their steps, taking advantage of satellite footage which may very well rewrite the history books.

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  1. the film is in mirror image. Unwatchable

  2. not from 2016