Vince Carter: Beyond the Glory

His feats ares superhuman, he’s a one man traveling circus flying through the air with the greatest of ease, twisting time and space in ways that his peers cant always believe. Despite his youth he has faced a lifetime of adversity, off the court his world was crashing down around him, he was betrayed by a trusted friend and then deserted by another. While Vince excelled on the world stage his brother languished in the county jail. He has invited criticism and he has demanded accounted demandability, this is Vince Carter, Beyond the Glory.

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  1. all i seen was a pride filled young man who has rode the cloud of easy as far as it will take him. he has pride filled out and inside a shirt that is worthless. his brother understands thing vince will only get to dream about. when the world has turned wrong into right and right into wrong. it is a truly sad day for the america that once was. nothing but vince’s fill the media circus and the world comes crashing bown behind it all. just like obama that has tore up and threw away all that was was great for a world of the dead. japan fuels the world with deadly gases and then pushed failure down our throats holding nothing to any standard.
    we now wait for the ruling of a just GOD. the final page will be filled with his rightious reply. GOODBYE AMERICA, no one will tell the truth it is not filled with 93 million reason to do so…
    350 million in this one country alone will pay the price of a world go mad!
    DEAD MEN AND WOMEN WALKING, will the paper word if as if it didn’t know it was coming as obama signed away every right our founders died for, YES. goodbye to you america