Virtual Adultery and Cyberspace Love

There is now a new world which has welcomed over four million inhabitants in the last three years. Its name is Second LifeSecond Life and it’s accessed through the Internet. Here in this virtual world, each inhabitant is an entirely unique avatar, a fantasy creation that’s usually taller, stronger, fitter, and more attractive than the person controlling it on the other side of the screen…but Second Life isn’t a game, it’s a virtual life fueled by real wants and desires. And for some, when life and love are less than perfect, the escape it offers can be more seductive than the real world.

Documentary series about everyday dramas. Carolyn is a 37 year-old mother of four in the midst of a passionate affair. She’s spending up to 18 hours a day with her lover online on Second Life, the website. She has never met him, but, to her husband of nine year’s dismay, she is abandoning her family and flying 5,000 miles to London to start a new life with her lover, Elliot. What makes this website, which has three million members, so compelling?

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  1. This stupid bint needs a job. I really pity her husband and kids.

  2. All relationships and broken homes aside. What a shitty horrible game to play. I mean what do you do. Are there missions? Is it like Arkham city? Honestly, I would sooner play super Mario bros and take wank breaks.

  3. “If I could just flick a button, and turn my marriage into something good then, well..” yeah, its called the off switch on your computer you dope. I have to take a breather. This woman made me furious, for real.. What a selfish, self centered, self serving moron. Lee seems like a good guy, and hes trying to do his best.. Watching her roll her eyes at the end made me want to say what Lee should’ve really said; “Look lady..Youre a shitty wife, a shitty mom, you dont work, you sit on the computer all day and dragging us through your personal hell an its destroying our marriage, our family and your life. get out.”

  4. Its hilarious when they finally meet in real life because its like she is expecting a dark tan guy with big muscles and piercing, but then its just awkward because he is old and skinny. Then he is disappointed because she is a chubby ginger mom of four instead of just big boobs. How disillusioned are people to think some fake “sexy” avatars reflect who they are in real like at all. I mean, seriously, it even talked about how it represents what people WANT in real like but dont have….. what a effed up life, err second life… or both??
    AND HE STAYS WITH HER?!?!?!!!!

  5. She is bright enough to know her statement about her going to the Uk and her kids being OK was false.  What she was actually saying is that I`m gonna go to the UK and visit this man and enjoy myself.  I`m more important that my kids well being, I`ll scare them for life but hey….    I       ….need to be happy.  What a horrific mother.  I hope that was fake.  Very disturbing. 

  6. I wonder who paid for her little trip to see if she was going to cheat on her husband and family. Reverse the genders and you can imagine the reaction.

  7. I thought to myself this guy is an idiot for not leaving this woman, until the end when he compared himself to forest gump and jenny, then i felt sorry for the guy.

  8. he is crazy to remain with her im glad for the other couple they seem genuine

  9. marriage council ling or divorce! This is clearly an intelligent woman who is incredibly bored with her real life. She is also clearly not happy in her marriage. Unfortunately the children are suffering from this woman’s selfishness. Everyday life can be incredibly dull but imagination can change that. So, sadly the man does need to make the first step. He needs to either insist on council ling or move on and take the kids. I know how this feels to the man…..I had the same thing happen to me.

  10. Very good documentary. That man is too patient. She is horrible for what she put him through. Poor kids is all I have to say. Wish they were interviewed more.

  11. These people need a good hard slap, wake up. The guy needs to leave his wife and take the kids with him, he will be better off without her. She will meet the other guy and realize her love for him is nothing but a dream. She needs to wake up before she becomes a lonely old woman

  12. that relationship is doomed hes in love biiig time and a huge push over
    shes a stuck in the house bored women who knows she can treat her husban like pooh cause he keeps saying hes going no where … grow some balls man even tho the thought of a family break up kills ya grab that puter and turf it out in the yard … dont work out find a women that loves u for u and everthing will fall in place … i mean hey id bang her but i wouldnt keep her

  13. Sad little losers.

  14. Ha what a joke I would of got rid of her within a week.

  15. This documentaryn is an eye opener for husbands,that on matter what happens in our relationship, we should be supportive of our spouses .