Vlad The Impaler

This documentary examines the bloody career of Vlad the Impaler, the 15th-century prince of Wallachia who took no prisoners in his resistance to the spread of the Ottoman Empire. Known as Dracula, he learned the arts of war as a hostage of the Turks, but asserted his independence by working his own disloyal nobles to death and repelling a Turkish invasion by filling the battlefield with 23,000 impaled corpses.

When he came to power, Vlad immediately had all the assembled nobles arrested. The older boyars and their families were immediately impaled. The younger and healthier nobles and their families were marched north from Târgovişte to the ruins of Poienari Castle in the mountains above the Argeş River.

Vlad was determined to rebuild this ancient fortress as his own stronghold and refuge. The enslaved boyars and their families were forced to labor for months, rebuilding the old castle with materials from another nearby ruin. According to tradition, they laboured until the clothes fell off their bodies and then were forced to continue working naked. Very few of the old gentry survived the ordeal of building Vlad’s castle. This documentay is a must for those that like to seperate fact from myth.

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  1. To – After hundreds of years of Muslim invasions and murder…Vlad started fighting back against them in the preservation of his people, his culture, lands, country…and against the invading Muslim armies…who were far worse at atrocities…

  2.  Maybe I’m strange for thinking so but, I somehow felt like he wasn’t as horrid as he’s been made to be, he just did what he had to to defend himself and his people.

  3. Torture technique – Impaling, was well known and practised by Otoman Turks. Well documented in historic records in Greece, Serbia, Romania. This was a favourite method, since it was used for the public display. Hundreds of thousands Orthodox Christians were impaled and died in horror for the love of Christ. This is the period after Serbian won victory on Kosovo, where they defeated Otoman Turks and killed Sultan Mehmed. Serbs were outnumbered in battle on 10 to 1. Serbian Emperor Lazarus also died. After loosing battle for Kosovo, Turks fled. It took 80 years for Turks to reorganise and continue military advancement towards Austria. Help from the “west” never came. Vlad Drakulus had to continue defending Christendom from the beasts. Job well done. Regards to Romanians 🙂

  4. Its a different doc than it used to be. This one is more focussed on what he built rather than the man himself. Good though!

  5. As far as me being a member here, I didnt even know that I was a member here. When the article was published I received a username and password, so that I could participate in Comments, so perhaps that is it. But we’re certainly all members in the world of ideas.

  6. This is totally a made up story.

    By the way the sultan which is mentioned many times, just to let the people know, within those dates was FATİH SULTAN MEHMET (CONQUERER SULTAN MEHMET) who conquered İstanbul in 1453.

  7. “Lets just say a little bit of chaos is needed in every heaty sociaty.” What an idiotic & moronic statement, by which you yet again you show yourself to be an immature individual.

    BTW, I am not an old man.

    • What a sad little indoctrinated man you are! I do hope that you can go on with your life, and leave other people’s opinon’s to their own, as do other people live you in peace with your own. Since we’ve been chating on this subject for about 2 days i would like to know where are u from and what d you think about Vlad Tepes? And do try to be civilized. Have a nice day!

      • “What a sad little indoctrinated man you are!”

        Yes – I am a man.
        No – I am not sad, little or indoctrinated.

        I simply noted that your comment expressing the wish to have a tattoo of someone responsible for genocide was indicative of immaturity. That you respond with insults only reinforces this view.

        • You have no saying in this. It is clear that the man did no harm to you or your people, that genocide was done to the turks, hungarians and lastly romanians.
          So if your not one of the above, shut up and keep it to your self.
          I and the romanian people have forgoten this great deffender against our history’s greatest enemy’s.
          If you were a jew and i would be talking about hitler, you would be intitled to talk back, since that is not the case leave it be, its a Romanian thing.

          “Time heals all things”……X.

          • You really are ah ill informed person. Juvenile Septic by any chance.

          •  Amen. That’s like a modern day black man saying he hates us because we owned slaves. We never owned slaves, people 300 years ago did and we nor they have ties to that and should let it go.  We don’t own them. Let it go.

          •  Amen. That’s like a modern day black man saying he hates us because we owned slaves. We never owned slaves, people 300 years ago did and we nor they have ties to that and should let it go.  We don’t own them. Let it go.

          • I have no idea what you are mean when you note ‘You have no saying in this’ because that is the sole subject of my comments.

            So, to clarify: your initial statement was ‘Im gona have a tatoo on my arm with his genocidal face.’ To wish to have a tattoo of a person who was responsible for genocide indicates you are immature.

  8. Vlad Tepes is my hero.Im gona have a tatoo on my arm with his genocidal face 🙂

    • Let me guess … you’re a teenager, and clearly a rather immature one at that.

      • Wrong, im from Targoviste Romania, home of Vlad Tepes, he s one of our heroes and emblematic figures of our history.This documentary is about 40% right from my perspective so dont bealive all of it. He was not a fucking vampire just a man who would have done great things for my people if he had the freedom n choice to govern.Yes it s clear now that he had a little bit a Hitler in him, but looking back he had to fight of some of the greatest empires of the day, The otoman and Hungarian empires. I’m sad to see that his image in the 21th century is of a blood thisty psicopatyc vampire.

  9. I don’t know why Vlad the Impaler is so interesting. This video gave me nightmares for two days after I watched it. But yet, now I come back. He is the original vampire. Many generations have been fascinated by this sick man. Maybe that’s why we make up tales about him, so we can satisfy our morbid curiosity without feeling or seeming too demented.