Walking Heavy: Britain’s Most Notorious Reformed Criminal

Jason Coghlan was once considered to be the most dangerous man in Britain and this is the story of how he managed to turn his life around. Coghlan spent 16 years behind bars, whilst locked up he took an interest in studying law, it was this pastime which ultimately aided in his release.

After having served his time Coghlan moved to Marbella, Spain and set up a law firm called Jacoglaw, his main clientele being the gangsters of the Costa Del Sol in Spain. VICE managed to gain exclusive access to Jason’s life over the course of a two year period, giving us a raw glimpse into the life of Britain’s Most Notorious Reformed Criminal.

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  1. Paul massey was a gangster who take advantage of the youngsters to do the dirty work for him.
    Fortunately, he’s dead now

  2. Amazing documentary such a good story and what a great guy. I thought he was just going to be cocky at first but all that changed and you see a really intelligent, strong, funny, loving guy doing his bit for the people and giving something back. Most criminals are shallow and only care about them selves. Over and above all he is an inspiration well and truly.