Walls of Shame: Northern Ireland’s Troubles

The Good Friday Agreement was signed back in 1998, it brokered a peace deal between republicans and unionists in Northern Ireland. Nearly a decade later news network Al Jazeera visited Belfast to explore ongoing divisions still found within the city.

This documentary was first broadcast in 2007 and it is part of Al Jazeera’s “Walls of Shame” series, the film explores the modern history of Northern Ireland which has primarily been dominated by one thing, “The Troubles”. A bitter conflict which was both political and religious in nature, it saw Catholic nationalists fighting against Protestant unionists. The Good Friday Agreement promised peace but what Northern Ireland now seems to have instead is rather, ‘an absence of conflict’.

Look from both sides and almost a decade since this film was released we now also see an update from Al Jazeera included in this documentary as they return to Belfast to touch base as the ‘peace walls’ start to be taken down, as vowed by the government.

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