Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a two-part film which explores the life and legacy of the man responsible for making Disney the giant it is today. Using archival footage which is fresh from the vaults of Disney itself we witness the man in action and those who helped turn his dreams into reality.

Through interviews with his friends, family, animators and designers the reality of Disney’s success is revealed as they disclose previously unknown processes, single-mindedness and sometimes sheer unpleasantness and discrimination that were embedded into his seemingly effortless masterpieces.

We also learn of Disney’s perseverance as he made it through bankruptcy, strikes and great risk, his refusal to accept failure and his determination to achieve his creative goals would go on to define an entire industry. This tale is one of inspiration but also a cautionary tale about the price of ambition, providing us with a unprecedented look at the man who created a world and built an empire.

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