I Want My Sex Back!

I Want My Sex Back! is the personal tale of three men who went under the knife in order to change their sex but who now years latter regret the permanent procedure. Through a number of interviews we hear how these individuals managed to come to terms with their disappointments and regrets.

Billy  underwent sex reassignment surgery to become the woman as he had always felt he was one but this drastic change didn’t bring him the relief he had sought, and the problems he was looking to solve remained. After living as a women for seven years he decided to reverted back to being a man.

Rene Jax and Walt Heyer are the two others featured in this film, they share similar stories of regret but both are unique in their own right.

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  1. It is true that you can’t really transition from male to female or vice versa, because hello – a trans woman/man is different from a biologically born woman/man: this is a biological and social fact. We shouldn’t say it’s possible to change sex – rather, we are not constrained to our sex characteristics. We alter the appearance and expression of our gender, to appear more male or female, but this is and will always be different to becoming a naturalised male/female – obviously. The body of a trans man/woman behaves differently to the body of a non-trans man/woman. Socially a trans man/woman is treated, understood, accepted and identified or catagorised in a way that is different from non-trans women/men. These are facts for goodness sakes! We may never develop the technologies required to turn one sex into another: probably it will always be impossible. However, we can develop what is surely the best practice in all cases of gender identity issues: accept what you are first, and then, once you have accepted what you are, you may decide to transition. But do it on the basis of acceptance. Don’t do it on the basis of denial, or delusion, saying “even as a kid I knew I was a man”. This is nonsense. Let’s love and support all people regardless of their gender or the expression of it, but let’s not stray from the facts; let’s not confuse this debate with so much delusional and wishful and ideologically motivated thinking.

  2. Gender & sex are the same thing. These people suffered trauma that effected their sense of identity and were exploited by the medical profession. This documentary is very important as it allows the three men tell their own stories. You can’t turn a man into a women or visa versa, its all cosmetic, and it is to cover up the real causes for their trauma.

  3. stupid uneducated activist cant even understand the difference between gender and sex, yet he is highly biased against something he doesn’t know.