The War Business

The War Business is a film by Mark Stucke which deals with the practice of private armies or mercenaries hired by governments and multinational companies. These are typically companies whose investments are being compromised by war.

This film uncovers the bloody truth of some of these armies for hire in particular “Executive Outcomes” which was founded in South Africa by former Lieutenant-Colonel of the South African Defence Force Eeben Barlow in 1989. We hear of the ferocious battles in Angola and Sierra Leone which were fought for blood diamonds.

Through archival footage recorded by Executive Outcomes on the battle field we gain great insight into the inner workings of these private armies in assaults like the one against UNITA in Angola. Ties to the British government are implied, while ties to British companies are pretty clearly established.

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  1. this is so out of date it’s barely relevant. Why does DH keep uploading old docos and presenting them as “new”? Unless the documentary is historic in its context, there’s not a lot of point in showing out-of-date information. Putting that aside, and making allowances for its age, it’s still not very interesting or particularly well-made. War is one of my favourite topics, and I watch 3-6 documentaries per week so it has to hold my attention and deliver new information and this film did neither of those things. Very disappointing.