War on Our World

WAR ON OUR WORLD (2011) from Dominoes Falling Productions, is a feature length documentary using a collaboration of various material. The film examines war, imperialism and some of the causes and consequences of this, with a particular look at the Military-Industrial complex. An aim of the film is to help inspire peace.

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  1. Cheesy this documentary steals clips from popular movies to convey its message, basically if we all love each other share our wisdom and abolish all religious and cultural believes the entire world can unite peacefully under one nation and we will then be able to focus our talents to better our species
    in constructive ways a and take over the solar system-galaxy-universe-multiverse then just make our own gods to play with.

  2. if you were part of the 1% i highly doubt either one of you would be in here. besides do you even know what the 1% actually means?? lol!!!  :-/

  3. The occupy wall street supporters always have such informative well thought out posts. They inform us that while they are angry they have no plan for what comes after the said “eating of the rich”. THAT is their answer. Collapse the system, and eat the rich. Very informative. The information we gain as a society is that these people, are in fact retards. They fail on every occasion to provide an actual plan for what happens after the rich have been digested. I would certainly be willing to listen. But since they started occupying, it’s just been defacating on police cars, raping/sexually assaulting women, leaving garbage and sewage in whatever space they are presently occupying at the time, and the endless threats to eat the rich. It is clear these people are angry. It’s just as clear these people are impossibly stupid. Evidenced by the fact that their plan B is to eat the rich. It all boils down the fact that life is hard. But it’s harder if your stupid. I believe they’re angry because they have just realized just how stupid they all are! My advice to you OWSers is to put your little collective heads together, muster all 4 watts of intelligence and try to come up with SOMETHING better than “eat the rich”.

  4. NAND Gate, you got it so right, I’m with u!

  5. eat the fucking rich!

  6. I don’t want shit music as the narrative to a documentary, 12 minutes, bye bye.

  7. They take a knife and cover the blade in blood, then melt ice and stick the handle of the knife into the ice so that when it turns back to ice only the blade is protruding from it. The wolf comes along and smells the blood, he licks the blade and cuts his tongue, which leaves him bleeding, so he thinks he’s getting a good meal. So he licks and he licks until he bleeds to death.

    I would love to meet some hunter who claims to do this.

  8. An excellent documentary!! I wish that every single person in the world would watch this.

  9. Fantastic….

  10. How do you make a gay man hump a women???

    Poo in her minge

  11. why doesnt my stuff get posted, are swear words not aloud

  12. Think you trust our government? Read this..The previously secret document was originally made public on 18 November 1997, by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board,[3] a U.S. federal agency overseeing the release of government records related to John F. Kennedy’s assassination.[4][5][6][7] A total 1521 pages of once-secret military records covering 1962 to 1964 were concomitantlydeclassified by said Review Board..

  13. Thank you brothers… US Army 1985-1993… We are waking up and sharing the lies and BS..Labels R out and human beings are in.. 

    • I was once one of those believers of government lies. I was ready to kick ass and take names and go to war and I did. Then I did a little research and am learning the truth…We are not a label, we are human and have hearts and should starting acting like it…Listen to your heart, it might lead you down the right path… 

  14. Change comes from within. Look at what you can do to make your own little world a better place to be. Being angered with a system that is corrupt keeps you fighting a never ending battle. Move ahead in a positive light and don’t fight their wars but work on your own battles and improve, enlighten, and educate yourself. 

  15. amazing movie!!!  It sits on top 4 in my list of knowlegde brocker after the zeitgeist movies and kymatica

  16. I sometimes wonder which is the greater evil, those currently at the top of our corrupted society or those racist, self loathing godless morons who think they are “clued up”


    • Excuse me, Evil!?! What’s wrogn with being “godless”… I think atheist have a bigger kindness and concern for the fellow men that the unreasonable religions sheeps that have been condicioned to think and label people due to their religion preferences

    • is that in response to the documentary or the comments?

  17. This is thinly vieled ANTI-SEMITC BULLSHIT!

    Half way through begins the usual anti-semitic Rothschilds, Illuminati propaganda.

    Ignore this racist piece of garbage documentary!

    • fuck you….and them….

    • YES! Free Palestine! You Jews are nothing but Nazis! You whine & complain about what Hitler & his psycos did to your people but yet, short of the genocide, your doing the same to the Palestinians. I been to Dachau & Auschwitz so I seen what the Nazis have done to your people. For someone who claims to be so educated & wealthy, your mouth betrays your simple ignorant brain! People like you are what’s wrong with our world. You should do the rest of us a favor & kill your whole family then yourself. I can only hope that y country (the US) stops supporting Israel so much because they take our money & aid but yet speak so badly of us. If we quit supporting Israel today, tomorrow it would be nothing but a memory. I lost brothers in Iraq fighting for a cause that was not ours but what do your people fight for? NOTHING! You just send other people’s children to die. We trained together, sleep in the dirt together, partied & chased women together… I came back unscathed but they came back in a box. If you have a problem with what I said, I’ll send an address so we can meet & settle any problems you have.

    • thank you, now put your head back in the sand


  18. Great doco

    Lets get some fucking controversy in this here website. That fucking topdocfilms website is over-moderated by that power tripper Vlatko. The dudes running this site are not as wanky as him.

  19. the enemy is with in ,

    to many fools and no many people having time to think !

    awareness ”  if only you could be aware for a minute a day of your actions ”

    spend time in school to be a tool to the system !  

    you don`t get the right education , they only polarize you to believe the Illusion 

  20. Mankind has 3 major relationships, God to man, man to man, and man to his spiritual nature and his own body. Man does not live by bread alone. God is Good, and if we serve Him, we serve the Good above ourselves. This will work, if we all actually do it. Nothing else will work. Do not tempt God, Love Him and Him alone serve, and life by bread and spirit. To do otherwise is to create the Abomination of Desolation. The destruction of all major relationships is the worse thing that can happen, because there is nothing else in mankind’s experience to destroy. You can’t kill a dead horse. The Son of God left us with this Vision, so that we will not perish.

    • GOD? Really dude? Have you ever thought that if we abolished religion & political parties the world would be a better place? Do you believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? Of course you don’t! Why? Because that stuff is for children…so why do you believe in “GOD”. It’s all BS. 

    • that line of crap and a dollar will buy you a coke

  21. …I am so fuckin sick of this shit. People like me have been on this knowledge-path for years and years. Great documentaries like this have been made – year in, year out – for decades. But do you think Joe-fuckhead-capitalism/war-lover Bloggs gets it? No fucking way. What you get today is the dipshits criticising the OCCUPY movements – as if they have no cause, no right to protest and the entire movement is made up of no-hopers. Predatory capitalism has sucked the life out of societies all over the world, and for us – this is no way to live. Student loans that last for a lifetime. Minimum wage jobs for degree holders. Baby boomers with more than 2 properties, while Gen X and Gen Y know that most of us will never own a SINGLE property outright (since it is now 3X as unaffordable as in ’69). The average man is now a slave to various corporations. You 55yo+ types may not get it, but we 35 and under do. And we are losing all hope. And all patience.

    And dont give us this Ayn Rand bullshit any more. We dont care. We know it is just more self-effacing crap. More self-attribution fallacies. More baby-boomer confirmation bias and delusion. We have learnt to never trust anyone who tells us that serving their self interest will somehow benefit us. It used to sound believable – but we have come to learn that these people are just different thieves in different clothes.

    You better start paying attention – because the writing is on the wall. You brain washed, right-wing, conservative, war-loving fuckas have two options: either die, or get with the program – because if you dont – a worldwide civil war is coming. Have you noticed what has been happening with the Arab Spring? Money and politics do not save you when you are dragged from your homes and beaten to death on the streets by an angry mob. Sound harsh? Stiff shit. You soulless fucks have been ignoring the pain and cries of the downtrodden too long, revelling in your wealth – all the while deluding yourself that it is “just”. That your wealth was somehow “fated” to you by your intelligence and wisdom. The fact is – your wealth is a result of 4 primary factors: what year you were born in, what country you were born in, who your parents were, and how much bad luck you avoided. After factoring in these random specifics – we can talk about intelligence and wisdom. Democracy was supposed to be about the voice of the people. So you better start listening, and make sure that the people don’t become anymore demoralised. Because if they are left to become any hungrier for freedom, any more desperate for a life worth living – the voice of the people will become a howling cry for bloody revenge.

    When law enforcement begins joining the people – the gig is up. By then – its too late to hope for a peaceful revolution. And here, there and everywhere – it is already happening.

    At least then the fucking Che Guevara t-shirts might actually mean something….

    EDIT: I am not calling for “class warfare” or condoning violence…I am warning against it….

    • Hey, internet warrior, do you know that self effacing and self attribution mean the opposite of each other?

      • Awesome – That ALMOST sounds intelligent. Except it doesn’t really make any sense Joe-fuckhead-capitalism/war-lover Bloggs.

    • totally agree, where do u live so i can join ur movement ?

    • I’m a British conservative voice and I understand what you mean. RON PAUL 2012. 

    • Im with you all the way in this one, wake up people before you cant…….

    • What a whining fucking little baby your are…waaaaa!

      My mommy and daddy didn’t love me and buy me the toys I think I deserved..waaaaaa!

      I’m going to think wealth should always be evenly distributed and I’m going to hold my breath till I’m purple until rich people start giving me stuff.

      Poor, poor fucking loser.

      I love being a gun owner and part of the 1%. You dumb, low class dip-shits will continue to make excellent target practice while I revel in opulence and you revel in dog shit. You must find it sooo hard to be poor. I know I don’t!

      Now go get a job. My Big Mac is waiting.

      • gun owner ? can u shoot a moving target in the cry of battle ? prob not, u can shoot a deer maybe but hes not shouting in ur face 🙂

      • Wow. You are so brave. Post your real name. I will come take your gun and fuck your wife while I eat your Big Mac.

      • i will skull fuck you….

      • @Eltopo… As if you are part of the 1%… You are just another clueless Fox watcher who has been brainwashed into believing that the interests of the super-rich are your interests… they aren’t!

        There has been class warfare going on for at least 30 years. Class warfare from the top down. The rich have been trying to roll back every gain made by working people since the Great Depression. Clueless Fucks like you have been manipulated  in to supporting this garbage that is clearly against your interests… but you’re too stupid to realize it.

        You really want to go back to the 19th century? Do you have any clue what is waiting for you there? Clearly not… The best times this country has ever had were times when the income gap was the lowest, top income taxes were the highest and the reckless gamblers on Wall Street were the most regulated. They were forced to invest in the future of this country and not send wealth aboard or gamble it away on an unregulated casino called our economy.

        Wake up you brain-dead moron!!!


        • come on fuckgreece, will you just cop on! 

          I have not banned one single user from the commenting system to date as I believe it is important to allow free expression but I will ban you if I see another rambling post like this. Its cool to speak your mind here but get off all this blatant hating nonsense will you! It achieves nothing. 

          Make logical points rather than just spouting a load of shite about this and that.

      • Your “opulence” is a Big Mac? hehehehe. No wonder. I am actually kind of wealthy myself (engineer) – certainly in the top 1% of the world (but definitely not in my country – top 30%?). Nevertheless, principle beats situation every time. Mubarak had an army, hill-billy. Your little pop gun wont save you. Hope to see you dragged around on youtube 😉 You are gunna be toast me thinks. Provoking your kind out from your little hidey holes is too easy.

        • You keep forgetting that we rednecks have the guns you dipshit, when the shit hits the fan I will be shooting hippies left and right bathing in blood while pimpin ma coca cola cruisin around running over hippies with my SUV.


          Its not gonna happen, you left wingers are gonna keep on whining and slacking, while we right wingers are gonna keep on ranting and working. The world keeps on spinnin

        • you are tooooooooooo clever for that redneck, eltopo90125. bring on the revolution….eat the rich!!

        • Classic. Owned.

  22. Well done! lots of things i’ve been thinking about, all put together into a perfect info package.  thank you to all who put it together to spread the word. its so important in these times to reach out and come together. We can change the world, one step, one person, one action, one awakening at a time.