We Are The Aliens

Broadcast 14 November 2006.

Clouds of alien life forms are sweeping through outer space and infecting planets with life – it may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

The idea that life on Earth came from another planet has been around as a modern scientific theory since the 1960s when it was proposed by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. At the time they were ridiculed for their idea – known as panspermia. But now, with growing evidence, it’s back in vogue and even being studied by NASA.

We meet the scientists on a mission to get to the bottom of the beginnings of life on Earth – from the team in Texas who are lovingly building a robotic submarine called DEPTHX to explore a moon of Jupiter, to Southern India where they are investigating a mysterious red rain which fell for two months in 2001.

According to local scientist Godfrey Louis, the rain contains biological cells unlike any he had seen before – with no DNA and the ability to replicate at 300°C. Louis has come to the conclusion that the cells are extra-terrestrial in origin. Could all this really be proof that We are the aliens?

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  1. Do you ever believe that crap about africans who roamed the earth went to north america started wearing coats and became white? the black slaves were shuttled to america more than a hundred years ago and they never turned white. why is it that white people are generally more good looking are wealthy? and why is it that most innovations and big corporations today are from the U.S. It st the white people who are descendants of aliens or mixed with them. This is my new documentary idea

    • You wanna know why that idea is f s I far fetched it’s not even funny and not because the white aka Europeans being of alien origins and not everyone else because if that was true I promise ya every white Person or aliens would have gotten off of this shit rock and go out looking for the home in deep Space wherever that maybe and just simply harness the sun along with as many other stars by using dysen spheres therefore becoming a type I , II Civilization and by that point planet earth or any multitudes of planets would mean very minuscule to such advanced beings I promise you! Truthfully the reason why whites look totally different from every other race is simple ! Throughout the centuries and thousands to tens of thousands of years living in Europe where sunlight is very very minimal with the environment being extremely cold and harsh . Thus that type of unforgiving environment makes a really good motivator to build and heat shelters causing urgency in evolution plus minimal sunlight with constant cold and snow the human adapts to its environment which explains the light skin pigmentation along with the eye color also adapting to change colors and after a really long time you get your modern day white man . For that white man to look the way he does developed on the European continent first . Only in Europe which in time colonized the world. Notice every continent has its own signature habitants ! Asia has your slant eyes , yellow to darker skin , Africa has the black complex, Middle East the Moorish arab people! Europe has what we know and see today in North America and Australia due to colonialism!

    • Actually if I remember the theory correctly it was the opposite of what you stated. Whites became black as a defense mechanism for the sun through adaptation. That’s why so many sunny places have so many mulatos and not sunny places have whites, while extreme weather has an almost all black population. Now i’ll tell you why whites are wealthier, as soon as they saw a darker skinned person they shunned them just like all of history. On the good looking thing, it mostly depends on where you’re looking, around me there are plenty of ugly whites.

    • Are you retarded?

  2. I love the part when the narrator says, “He spoke to one of the witnesses,” and the video was showing the cat.

  3. … Religions start Wars ! Why a God needs a story ? Why yours or mine needs to be true ? We are conscious and alive right here and now … Why God needs a form ? Why cant this entire Universe we exist be your God? Because you want to believe you own Him as much as He does and for that reason some others own you ! People are easy to manipulate ! 

  4. … Religions start Wars ! Why a God needs a story ? Why yours or mine needs to be true ? We are conscious and alive right here and now … Why God needs a form ? Why cant this entire Universe we exist be your God? Because you want to believe you own Him as much as He does and for that reason some others own you ! People are easy to manipulate ! 

  5. I’m pretty certain the bible is bollocks, but what is all this ?  the universe, why is it here, where is it, and who or what created it ?  I think the reality is far far bigger than our shallow intelligence can ever hope to understand, but im convinced something made all this, for some reason.


  7. If you would not believe in God, you will certainly after your death.

  8. maybe the red rain was from coral spawning in the ocean that evaporated and came down as rain. does evaporation eliminate DNA?

    • Hmmm, I think it does.  I think it’s only water molecules that evaporate.  Otherwise, road kill, for example, would evaporate, but it “dries out”.  The water leaves, but not anything else.

      I also think that water vapor needs some sort of “dust” or something to create rain drops, so maybe there was some sort of “red dirt” in the air?

      I also think I should have paid more attention in school!


    …well it worked for others why not me?


    …well it worked for others why not me?

  11. well,some of us are….

  12. well,some of us are….

  13. well,some of us are….

  14. Remember People its called a belief for a reason. If it was a fact we would all see our gods everyday. Yes there are flowers and grass and sunsets and we are alive…. Maybe God is greater then just out planet…. 

  15. Remember People its called a belief for a reason. If it was a fact we would all see our gods everyday. Yes there are flowers and grass and sunsets and we are alive…. Maybe God is greater then just out planet…. 

  16. There is no right or wrong, just people fighting for what they believe in.

  17. There is no right or wrong, just people fighting for what they believe in.

  18. Great..stuff, Im still skeptical about if we will ever come in contact with aliens but I believe that we are not the only ones out there.

    • Honestly humans may never reach the level of maturity and intelligence that it requires for aliens to not just want to but actually possibly could make contact with us given the nature and poor attitude humans carry ! It would be like a person such as any human try to make contact and communication with ants or insects and good luck on communicating!

    • Warning – the above is a fake comment used to mask a link to a fraudulent website .. they take payment but do not deliver any service.

  19. I love it how in the top right for me theres an advert for “Bonnke miracle prayer”, “submit to God’s power now” next to “We Are Aliens”.

  20. I love it how in the top right for me theres an advert for “Bonnke miracle prayer”, “submit to God’s power now” next to “We Are Aliens”.

  21. I love it, this shit gets a pass, but bearded sky-father is a no-no. Fucking aliens! Bua-ha-ha.

    • you 2 bit twit. You compare the likelihood of life outside our planet with the likelihood of a god hiding somewhere?

      U really have problems ascribing credibility to ideas, huh?

    • This is billions of times more likely than a “bearded sky–father”. This has evidence. The title of the documentary is sensationalist though, because by definition we are not aliens since alien means unknown or other.

      • Alien does not mean unknown or other, it means that it isn’t native to where ever it has been found.Therefore we could be alien to earth or our earliest ancestors could be at least.

      • Alien does not mean unknown or other, it means that it isn’t native to where ever it has been found.Therefore we could be alien to earth or our earliest ancestors could be at least.

  22. But jet even if you knew hibru and jewish and you could ever find an original of the bible you would still understand whatever you want to understand, becouse thats what it is – fiction… so all this time you have believed in someones fictions… or created your own fictions so that it suites your own selfish thougths and desires. Which finally puts you on the top of the fiction-lovers becouse all the ideas you so hard fight to protect are actually fiction… so again… keep your fictions for yourselfs please. If you really think you are so much better then the rest of the world – well its your own opinion, its not a low of nature!!!

  23. To the bobling about god and creator and old and new testament i have one word – this is not a site for your religios pukes and chokes so take your believes elsewear. Thank you very much!!! Oh and by the way to fully understand the bible you should learn hibru and jewish and read the original, becouse all translations in any other language including latin are what the translator wanted to understand and not what stays written.

    • Not much has to do with having to learn Hebrew or “Jewish “ Lol whatsoever! You can learn all of that in English just alike because the type of language to learn anything biblical or of Judaic origins isn’t an obstacle ! Since the Torah comes in almost every written language not just Hebrew or Aramaic ( Jewish) lol , that cracks me up but nonetheless in the Torah which is the most vital aspect of the Judaic tabernacle depicts the moment Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and how they lived in the desert fir over 40 years until the land of Israel gets established ! The first five books of the Old Testament called Torah .
      (in Judaism) the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures (the Pentateuch).Torah means in a sense, the substance of divine revelation to Israel, the Jewish people: God’s revealed teaching or guidance for humankind.

  24. All of these are very interesting. I was raised in the Baptist faith. In that faith I was taught that I was less than because I was born a woman. I was taught that it was okay to put other people of faith down, because they were not “Christians”. I was told that because I was a girl I would walk behind my father and then my husband and my voice was not important. Even at 10 I thought that was a bunch of bull lol. It is in religion that some feel they are right “In the name of god”. I think of the 100 years war, where entire villages were wiped out of woman from 8 to 80 because they “might” be witches. I think of what was done to the American Indians on their own land, because they were savages for their beliefs. These are not good things, and it was based on religion, “faith”, my god is bigger and better than your god.. Even the Christian faiths are different and fight among one another. I have heard a Catholic say they are the only ones going to heaven, and a Baptist say their beliefs are the only one right. I believe in a higher power, be it god or what ever does not matter to anyone really :). No one really cares what another person believes, they only want to make their point over and over and have others agree with them always. 🙂

    • Just because someone who calls themselves a Christian says you are inferior because you are a woman does not mean your are inferior. That simply is not true, God loves us all the same and no one is inferior to anyone else. 

  25. Undeniable facts. Christians cannot prove gods existence. Non Believers cannot disprove a gods existence.

    Christians you have just one book, all Christian ideas coming from believers or so called prophets rely on just one book and are only a rehash of the same ideas. If god is loving, omnipresent and all powerful it is reasonable to think ‘he’ may have decided to show himself to us already. Until God shows his exsistnce to us we will be left guessing. The Bible is a book, the events mentioned in the bible may or may not be true however we can not know at this moment.

    Non Believers you have used science to prove many things to yourselves, however you must realize we may never be able to find or comprehend the existence of a god. The lack of evidence for a God does no prove the lack of a god. We may never be intelligent enough to find existence of a god before or after we die.

    End of story

    • People of differing religions find denouncing other religions’ gods quite easy. Non-believers in magical beings merely take this thought process and apply it to all mythological supernatural beings.

      We also can’t disprove the Loch Ness Monster, BigFoot, hobbits, angels, devils or any other mythical creatures. 

      All religions were created by men, all religious texts were written by men, printed by men and distributed by men.

    • Interesting concept. I’ll remember what you said.

    • The exquisite life force within all and creating all we are and see in the natural world is ‘god’; science is the great pretender. Unable to create life, it extracts, classifies, copies and subverts it using ego forces. Then it patents that which it has formed and uses that a weapon of mass destruction. The true science is nature. Faux science is super-natural spawned from the lowest common denominator within man-unkind; psychopaths.

      • So people who use science, internet users, for example, are psychopaths.
        Got it.

        • Not necessarily. But it certainly is overkill in the realm of activities required to be happy.  happiness and fullfillment are the holy (non- denominational) path. Science seems to concern itself little with those to avenues.

    • You seem to be grouping all non believers into one category of those who constantly try to disprove others beliefs. This is simply a generalization that is common among believers and agnostics. You seem to think that all everyone who considers themselves to be a non believer only wishes to the destroy others beliefs. I myself do not care what others believe or do not believe in, as long as my own or anyone else’s basic human rights are not violated I will never try to disprove what they base their life on. There is no ultimate goal to make everyone who believes seem like an idiot. I truly think that eventually there will be a time when everyone in the world does not believe due to the rapid advancements in various fields of science. Although I could be wrong, you seem to be an agnostic, a fence sitter, one who thinks their argument is the strongest because it is not one of the main two and leaves room for error. I would encourage you to make a more definitive stance on the issue.

      • If you do not care about others belief that is your own choice. My comments are directed at people with a firm belief. You encourage me to make a stance instead of ‘sitting on the fence’ but why should I? If you must vote for a new political leader but are not satisfied with either why should you be forced into making a choice? I do not wish is force anyone but simply wish to provide 3rd point of view. My argument is strong but that is simply my opinion, something I am entitled to have. You are correct in that my argument leaves room for error and cannot be proved however this does not mean it is in any way incorrect.

  26. As a believer in God, and a non follower of any religion, I have faith that God created the big bang..why not? He can do anything. In trillions and trillions of years, when all the suns have long burned out, and all matter has decayed into photons, and there is no time, it will be like the blink of an eye for Him, and He will make another Big Bang

  27. Stupidity of religion never opens its mind to new ideas nor facts. Always idling in past cruelty against mankind and doctrines.


  29. god is and excuse for people afraid of death, shutting out what is real,letting in only what they have been told to believe what’s real, you live your life by what a book tells you because in reality the only thing that physically exists that backs up religion is a book; seriously guys…….. a book ! ! !

  30. Not all life is DNA…there are viruses that have ONLY RNA as their genetic information, such as the retrovirus HIV.

    • Viruses are not alive under current definitions of life. If anything they are obligatory intracellular parasites, and they do use DNA at points in their life cycle.

      • lol viruses not alive. Of course they are alive you twit. And it is obligate, not obligatory.

        Obligate intracellular parasites include bacteria and even protozoa. Indeed, your own mitochondria probably began as such a parasite, and it now makes you.

        Finally, RNA viruses DO NOT require DNA to replicate – you are possibly referring to retroviruses that do.

        • Actually I think youll find that opinion is fairly divided on the question of whether viruses are alive or not so you may disagree with him but calling him a twit is uncalled for.

          Most viruses are certainly RNA viruses tho.

      • lol viruses not alive. Of course they are alive you twit. And it is obligate, not obligatory.

        Obligate intracellular parasites include bacteria and even protozoa. Indeed, your own mitochondria probably began as such a parasite, and it now makes you.

        Finally, RNA viruses DO NOT require DNA to replicate – you are possibly referring to retroviruses that do.

    • Viruses are not alive under current definitions of life. If anything they are obligatory intracellular parasites, and they do use DNA at points in their life cycle.

  31. …..and on the first day,Man created God.

  32. Although it may be somewhat accurate that is far from being a fair statement by Mr Weinberg.

    I’ve seen extremely intelligent and anti-religious people who are ‘good people’ for sure get violent debating scientific beliefs just as I’ve seen it with religious beliefs.

    Any type of beliefs will inevitably lead to tension and ‘good people doing bad things’ in the name of their beliefs when an opposing belief comes into play.

    This is why in science there should not be any beliefs in anything but the evidence itself, the theories built off of certain interpretations of the evidence are at best never completely accurate and should never be upheld as facts or a matter of faith.

    An example of this is my view that I have a better understanding of the universe than most “conventional” scientists simply because based on my views I have expected/predicted most of the ‘new discoveries’ over the last decade or so that have “shocked” scientists and sent them ‘back to the drawing board’ many, many times.

    If their theories trying to understand the universe lead to the universe constantly surprising them then clearly their understanding is off a bit, or a hell of a lot in some cases.

    If my theories/views constantly lead to the universe providing more support for them rather than contradictions that surprise me then it stands to reason my views are at least somewhat more accurate.

    But their beliefs can not be challenged by such obvious logic and although I am always very quick to admit that my views are guaranteed to be either wrong or at least not entirely accurate/correct they always dismiss me as some arrogant prick who thinks he ‘knows it all’. While praising people like Hawking who literally claims to ‘know it all’ with his ‘theory of everything’.

    I know nothing but I understand most things far better than those who think they know everything while understanding very little.

    Certainly religion does have that affect but it is far from the only belief system that causes such issues and it is unfair to single it out as such. Public/organized religion is more deserving than religion in general for such singling out but even so it’s not a fair assessment in my view to single them out at all.

    To say that ‘it takes religion’ for good people to do bad things is an insult to intelligence. It takes beliefs, what they are is not important.

  33. “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg

  34. The BIBLE is an IDEA. A way of living a good life. Loving everyone. Nothing wrong with an idea like that…… there? Why do we always have to look for literal meanings? Why does everything have to have a reason? Sometimes things just are.

    • It’s true that sometimes things “just are”, but actually it is highly likely in my view that the bible is an interpretation of ancient mythology based on the interpretations of Abraham, who likely based those on the interpretations of others either recited to him orally or revealed through texts.

      Hence why virtually all the common themes or archetypes of ancient mythology are present within the bible as well as the teachings of all the Abrahamic religions(as well as virtually every religion on Earth that I know of with roots dating to ancient times).

      I was raised in a Christian home and school system and although I never bought into any of it since I’m not one who’s up for blind faith I did have a considerable personal interest in theology and philosophy and it’s effects on human behavior which led me to study the Bible, Koran and the Jewish Torah and whole philosophical debate over public faith vs personal faith and such at a fairly young age.

      When my interests became more focused on mythology and I began studying some of the “creation myths” from various ancient cultures around the world I was surprised to discover that I had ‘heard it all before’, so to speak. The Bible was “shaped” by the people that passed it down through the generations and includes many ad-hoc aspects as well from (somewhat) more modern times but at it’s core are the same mythological archetypes I’ve seen many other times.

      Although it’s not the purpose of my post here so I won’t get into it too much I must say that I had a very hard time trying to figure out the meaning of it all until I (tentatively) discovered Plasma Mythology and the pieces all started coming together perfectly. Plasma physics holds the key.

      Of course Plasma Mythology is very controversial, but it is a scientifically valid theory to explain the mythological archetypes that are common in ancient cultures around the world at times when modern science says they couldn’t have communicated those ideas to each other physically.

      In the 20th century conventional mythologists recognized these archetypal connections but failing to find anything present in nature in modern times that could account for all of them in so many different places(geologies, climates, etc.) across so many different cultures they concluded that the connections must just be by chance and all or most of the myths are just local “fairy-tales”.

      Plasma physics and Plasma Cosmology can account for every single symbol attributed to ancient mythological archetypes and pretty much require the “Earth shaking” or cosmic events attributed to those symbols, that alone should make it a valid theory(at least in the field of mythology). Except of course that accepting it would mean accepting plasma cosmology, and paradigm shifts don’t happen quickly or easily.

      The Christian Bible isn’t “wrong” as it’s core is based on primitive interpretations of real scientific events that the ancient peoples experienced in my view, but the Bible is one version of the tales that has been shaped or “diluted” through the generations as it was handed down to become what we know it to be today. It can’t be viewed purely from the mythological context.

      I take issue with your statement of the bible being a way of living a good life although that is commonly the general interpretation taken from it today, a careful study will reveal the very violent and vengeful undertones of the entire work.

      To actually take that interpretation as you do involves ignoring a significant portion of the bible, but that is the advantage of public faith over personal faith – the individual faithful don’t have to task themselves with studying and interpreting the entire bible themselves just so long as they accept the interpretations that they are given.

      But anyways more to the actual subject of this video I think it’s entirely likely that life on our planet originated elsewhere in some ways, though maybe not through conventionally accepted methods. Electrostatic/magnetic interactions could easily transfer different elemental materials from different bodies and the plasma medium and mix them together on a planet to provide the necessary base for life to spawn from.

      Recent experiments using electric discharges to convert non-biological material into biological matter such as amino acids show that it’s possible that with the right mix of base materials and a powerful enough discharge under the right conditions the first biological life forms could have been electrically trans-mutated from non-biological materials, with no conventional “seeding” of an existing life form into our planetary environment being necessary.

      The plasma universe is an amazing thing.

      Oh and if anyone wants sources then get off your butts and look for them, there is plenty of info available on these subjects these days(pro and con) and I’m not trying to be a professor here so since everyone is capable of thinking and researching for themselves they can then come to their own opinions.

      I don’t outsource my opinions to other people, I form them myself and maintain and advance them myself. Besides, I haven’t figured out how to link to my brain yet, but soon enough I’ll figure it out… :p

      PS – That is too much to proof read right now so I’ll just apologize now for any spelling or grammatical errors I made.

      • I’m not a christian either, but I do think it is a way to live a good life and give hope to those that need something or anything. The bible has saved many lives. I dont take anything else in the book literal and the violence and everything else are a story, but the point of the whole thing is to love all “gods” creatures and be a good person. Thou shalt not covet thy neihbors wife etc. I belive it is a story and like all books and all movies/TV shows has a message or a moral to it. We all have the right to our own beliefs on where we came from and what “created” us.

        • For the record I do agree with you even while ‘taking issue’ with your interpretation, when it is in the form of personal faith rather than public faith the Christian Bible and it’s teachings can be a wonderful thing to inspire good living(in the right context anyways).

          But I can’t bring myself to consider it ‘good living’ under a public faith system where the masses are enslaved by those who appoint themselves to be God’s mediators or interpreters to us through religious extortion – if you don’t do what they say God will be very angry and you will burn in hell for eternity!!!

          One concept that is common in the Bible is that God speaks to us all personally in some way, I just don’t understand why instead of listening to God directly as he wishes so many people who believe in it seek someone else to try to tell them what God is saying to them… and they pay for that with life long church dues and servitude to the church at that and never really know what God was saying to them personally.

          Maybe it’s because I listen directly that I have the views I do on the mythological origins of the Bible and I would have to say that I do essentially “uphold” the same God as the Christian bible from a more scientific standpoint.

          But when I say I uphold it as ‘my God’ I refer primarily to the fact that I am both in fear and awe of it’s immense powers and consider it to be the primary force in creating and continuously shaping our universe, not that I actually worship it.

          One could say my holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is Plasma, Magnetism and Electrical Energy. And oh man you don’t want to be the focus of their heaven and Earth shattering wrath.

          But anyways, no need for another essay so soon so I’ll stop there before I get rambling on about the battle between heaven and hell and the many other mythological archetypes present in the bible as that doesn’t seem to be a key point of interest for you, lol.

          Keep the faith, don’t let the faith keep you.

  35. For all the talk about “without God, the world would be a miserable, sinful place” isn’t it funny that Catholic priests still, to this day, molest little boys (and girls) in the most horrifying and degrading of sexual manners?

    the link is of a NY Times article dated: march 24 2010 and it’s extremely disturbing…

    If you’re God and Religion are so “good” and “morally ethical” then why, why do the people that teach it have the sickest, most perverted minds in the worlds? and it’s consistent. This isn’t the first time a priest has been exposed for such horrible acts.

    Atheists and Agnostics don’t sexually molest little boys and girls.

    Explain this please, i’m tired of hearing about another child being sexually molested. Don’t Christians have a sane view of sex and sexual pleasure?

    Destroying a child’s innocence and emotionally scarring them for life is one of the most despicable, inhumane, and gruesome of all evils. Only genocide can top it…Which Christianity has dipped it’s finger in. Do I really need to point out the association with the Catholic Church and the Third Reich?

    p.s. Name one atheist that has gone out of his way to kill people by means of a suicidal explosion. name, one…

    yea i haven’t watched it but i’m about to, seems intriguing…

  36. Give me Money and I shall erase all your sins, Give me money and I shall molest all your children. Thats God and the Church. Give me money and believe and do whatever you like! Wake up you dumb asses and smell the roses! Everyone can believe in whatever they like dont try to lower others on your fucking cults. cheers and fuck all y’all

  37. Oh for those that beleive the media is polluting young minds look first at the parents.They are not much of a parent to look up to today.They are the ones teaching kids about growing up fast and making lots of money and being successful,getting facelifts at 16 or boob jobs and marrying Hu Hefner.The teachers molesting kids.Look around you God is failing.Clergymen raping children and universities killing animals in torturous ways in the guise of scientific evaluations.We will all burn because of God!!!!Hail Satan!!!

  38. By the way for those that are racist I am not black..If we is suppose to be so powerful and we are made in his image why then are we not already perfect?I meant if we are!!!!Typo’s,not bad grammar.I am brighter than this so called Physician,moron.By the way why should I call you doctor?I hate that!!!Egos,Egos,Egos…so what if you studied assholes or penises or vaginas or feet?Whatever your kink was.I would call you Dick

    • actually its your ego that creates your hatred for calling him doctor… and there are plenty of people who study assholes, penises, vaginas or feet,,, wtf is the problem with that you sound like an idiot rambling on about nothing do yourself a favor get educated and stop looking so pathetic calling a physican a moron doctors are more then people who work in lab coats they are scientists who have studied and still study… ignorant simply ignorant

  39. The very idea of there being a GOD is hilarious.There is no proof what so ever there ever was or will ever be one.If God was real I would not and in fact do not worship him.He would have to be the biggest egotistical jackass that ever existed.He is supposed to be loving and let’s his so called children suffer only to say this is for your own good.I am just allwoning this so you can learn.If we is suppose to be so powerful and we are made in his image why then are we not already perfect?Why do we need to learn anything?Why do I have to eat and shit!!!!Why can’t I have a wife that shuts her mouth when I watch football then gives me what my body desires when I want it?!!!Please do not use some stupid lame stories that some week pathetic slave wrote ages ago because he tried to look on the positive side of life.These lessons in the Bible are simple little lessons anyone could write in some embellished way to seem Godly.Then you always have some stupid excuse for anything that could dicredit your God.People kill in the name of God!!!That is evil if you ask me.So what you are a Physician ooooooohhhhhh.That so impresses me!!!You must definately know all.Maybe you are God.God is for ignorant souls who are lost and can’t think for themselves.Hail SATAN!!!Hahahaha.I pity you sheeple.

    • you do realize you sound like a rambling idiot and the fact that you say you dont believe in god yet say hail satan wtf are you supposed to be cool get a damn life a dictionary and maybe even some englishs classes, educate yourself and comeback and have an educated conversation rather then sarcastically claiming he sees himself as god and that he knows everything… you make youself seem like an idiot

    • you do realize you sound like a rambling idiot and the fact that you say you dont believe in god yet say hail satan wtf are you supposed to be cool get a damn life a dictionary and maybe even some englishs classes, educate yourself and comeback and have an educated conversation rather then sarcastically claiming he sees himself as god and that he knows everything… you make youself seem like an idiot

  40. if you for the research at NUI Maynooth they have created a living cell based on yeast

  41. What a load of crap – should be filed under fiction and has nothing to do whatsoever with science – if there was anything like alien life forms out there in space with the ability to reach earth, believe me, we would know about it with first hand proof, one way or another they would not be able to remain hidden, nor why would they want too? Pure fantasy and I’m tired of reading about crackpot’s pipe dreams masquerading as “scientific thought”. It is just one more way the media attempts to pollute the young minds of our children.

    • Personally, I’m not well enough informed to say if there are aliens or not.

      But go with me for a second here, I’d say (since we know extremely little about them) there’s a big chance that the majority of them are not sitting around commenting about stupid topics on youtube videos and therefore, could be smarter than humans.

      Perhaps even smart enough to avoid detection.
      If we know nothing about them like you say, then how can we claim that “we would have known about them by now?”
      Just my two cents.

  42. The question I have is where did blood type 0 negative come from? Science has not figured that out YET! One theory has it coming from aliens who impregnated women on earth to help us evolve faster. Thinking that, since its the pure blood and DO NOT have any dna link to the rehuses monkey, unlike ALL the other blood types. 0- blood has a reptilian gene unlike any other blood type. Only 7% of the world is this blood type. Most of the royal blood of England are 0 negative also and its called blue blood because of a 0+ person got an 0- woman pregant there are consequences at delivery-maybe a blue baby not breathing. Could it be possible our outer space is our heaven and angels could of been space aliens? ONLY theory but I advise anyone who has this blood type to check it out on the internet. No one has really defined God except that he is a “higher power”. I am a christian so don’t misconstrue what I am saying here. Just curiosity.

    • “Science has not figured that out yet”?

      We are talking about a/b antigens here. Pretty well understood in science. The opposite, Aliens impregnating human women, is not a theory, it is insane. I don’t see where the problem is. 0 is no more “pure” than A or B. Genes are not “reptilian” or “monkey”. They are genes. That they exist in similar forms in reptiles and or monkeys is not too odd if ones looks at it from an evolutionary perspective.

      “Most of the royal blood of England are 0 negative also and its called blue blood because of a 0+ person got an 0- woman pregant there are consequences at delivery-maybe a blue baby not breathing.”

      Sorely in need of references. Maybe you should follow your own advice and check the net? I have never heard of anything like this. Oh frakk this, I can’t rely on your inability to google. Here you go:

      “It was the Spaniards who gave the world the notion that an aristocrat’s blood is not red but blue. The Spanish nobility started taking shape around the ninth century in classic military fashion, occupying land as warriors on horseback. They were to continue the process for more than five hundred years, clawing back sections of the peninsula from its Moorish occupiers, and a nobleman demonstrated his pedigree by holding up his sword arm to display the filigree of blue-blooded veins beneath his pale skin—proof that his birth had not been contaminated by the dark-skinned enemy.”

      Google is your friend. Curiosity is good. Having an open mind is good. Just don’t open it sooo much that your brain falls out and gets replaced with trash.

  43. Seems to be a very plausible idea. A meteorite landed in Murchison Australia a while ago and they examined it and found in it the building blocks of life, enzymes/proteins I cannot remember the proper term. Christian or not, you cannot deny the chemistry of our own bodies.

  44. There are 33,820 denominations of Christianity and they all have differing versions of Christianity. I’m sorry but when there’s such a divide, how can one possibly believe in what Christianity purports? And reading some of these comments I have to say that circular logic doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Attempting to prove the Bible with exerpts from it doesn’t prove a thing or even make for a logical and meaningful argument. That’s exactly the same as saying, “it’s true because the Bible says it is”. Paleeeez! I would go on further but the comment left by Jay above pretty much sums up the rest of my thoughts…

  45. I thought the red rain had been proved to be very much of this world, and nothing more than a strange type of algie, or some such, a few years ago. The original “scientists” just weren’t up to the task of identifying it. Then, much like those of a religious persuasion, they start claiming it is ‘not of this world’, when the truth is they are just not smart enough to work it out.

  46. Seriously people.
    God? Are you kidding me?

    God is debunked by the dinosaurs at the very least. Suprised no-one’s mentionned them. NOt to mention the fact that before God (which the Romans alone popularized by eventually enforcing it as a state religion) people turned natural phenomena into worshipped deities.

    Yes Gallileo et al were Catholics but that is a meaningless statement other than scientific enquiry was used as a way of trying to understand how God worked, rather than it reinforced God as an absolute.

    but then again jesus is merely just the amalgamation of many ancient creation myths such as that of Horus, Mithras, Attis, Buddha, and so on and whilst they do not match exactly to Jesus they do share certain exactitudes that show borrowing at the very least – after all if you’re going to have a creation myth is it riskier to invent an entirely new one or better to blend contemporary lore into one over-riding arch of myth.

    On the other hand many creation myths that do share similarities pre-date Jesus and are of Asian origin which i think if coincidental are strained at best.

    Having said that December 25th certainly was a festival before hand as previously December 24th was the lowest point at which the sun would rise over the land – as in appear the lowest in the sky signalling winter. After December 25th the sun would appear to rise higher and higher into the sky, hence the sun will rise again.

    Astronomy speaks for itself and provides the pre-cursor to why people celebrate Christmas at this time and why Jesus is not present where the astronomy doesn’t support this, such as the Southern hemisphere which was not devoid of astrology or belief systems and the Northern fringes of Europe.

    State sponsoring of Christianity is what made it popular rather the spread of Jesus from person to person and the breadth of the Roman Empire was what made it stick – in the same way Islam did not spread at least in the ‘Arab world’ without a huge amount of warfare and forced conversion.

    But of course there is much more. Noah’s story is merely the ancient Babylonian story of Ut-Napishtim in the Gilgamesh stories of the deluge. Here the wording is so similar despite being written in 2700 BC that it is beyond doubt that the whole creation myth in Genisis is simply lifted from previous texts and awarded to ‘God’ as you claim to know him. I don’t see quite how that can be defended otherwise – though i would love t hear that be thought up.

    After all we fast forward from the creation to society in the Holy Land despite all the evidence from civilzation form the Sumerians to the Babylonians and onwards existing somewhat down river of there with no REAL mention of these people even as an advanced contemporary people.

    They are stories and nothing more to be honest. Myself? I prefer the original Sumerian creation myth that the Annunaki – beings form outer space created us in their own image as servants before either leaving or being forced to leave in a rebellion – it’s not clear – what is clear is that from their art work which demonstrably displays the layout of our solar system (placing Earth as third from the Sun)offers far more evidence no matter how construed compared to the idea that life came from nothing and creators themselves came form nothing.

    To be honest God appears to be extremely jealous, demanding, selfish, self-absorbed, punishing and extremely contrary having created hell and the devil himself as things to prevert his own grand experiment. With no beginning and no apparent end, why does he have a beginning and end if we are the only measurers? that surely means that we are the only interrogative that can time the events. thus no belief in god equals no god.

    plus of course those pesky dinosaurs – oh and evolution oh and the fact that Noah lived for 900+ years oh and inbreeding being a proven fact even amongst more distantly related people that apparent. yeah so apart from that im sure you might be right. luckily though it doesn’t matter what i do or say because i can always repent at the end – so i think we’re all generally convered.. Right?????

    • Thank you for posting this.
      I believe what’s best for each of us is whatever helps us sleep at night and drives us to wake in the morning.

      And in case anyone posting here doesn’t already know:
      Gravity is the reason life on earth exists.

      There have been hundreds of books written and thousands of gods created so that we, as humans, can feel like we have a purpose.

      My opinion is…. choose whichever works for you and quit holding others back.
      We’re all humans on the same planet and should act as such.

  47. whoever put this video together must have taken it all as a joke. the sounds, the clips, even the transitions are so damn shitty, holy fuck.

    i haven’t finished watching the movie yet, but i must say it’s getting so god damn annoying. if it weren’t so interesting, i would have turned it off without getting through the first 5 minutes.

    on the other note, fuck all you religious nut jobs. go get educated because if you’re believing that fairy tale bullshit you call the bible then you obviously lack curiosity and intelligence. haven’t you ever asked yourself what the hell the purpose of the ultimate creator is? making humans? and don’t fucking say he put us here for a test. just ponder my question, i don’t want your answer. i’ve heard it all, and none of any of your bullshit makes sense.

    ghh some people are so fucking ignorant.

  48. Well I haven’t watched the film yet. I was just reading through the comments and found this to be the same tired, old argument that always comes up whenever religion or science is mentioned. people ridiculing each other because they believe in god or because they believe in science (or just don’t believe in god). seems to me like a pretty immature tact for any adult to take in regards to discussing something as profound as the meaning or the origin of life. why is it that people cannot just have a rational debate/discussion without resorting to name calling or insulting one another’s beliefs? if i sound like a hypocrite at all, i want to be clear, i’m not attacking anyone because of their beliefs, i’m simply mocking their inability to even consider an opinion other than their own without getting defensive or hostile. Despite the conviction that any individual may have, none of us really knows any of the answers.

    my opinion, for what it’s worth, is that there is a god, or at least some sort of power or source of creation, although i can’t say when, why, or how it created us. i just honestly can’t imagine the world, universe, and everything, being as beautiful and complex and harmonious as it is if there wasn’t some sort of governing force behind it all. maybe there isn’t, but personally i feel that the more laws, patterns and all the other incredible things that we discover in nature, just strengthen my belief in something greater. I love science, and i think it is amazing what we are able to make sense of and what we have achieved through scientific inquiry, but i don’t think that comes close to proving there is no god. what i think people fail to realize is that we aren’t creating these laws and patterns with science, we are simply uncovering what has been there all along. but even with each and every new discovery being more awe-inspiring than the last, we seem to drift further from the idea of an intelligent designer behind it all. I know that is probably a bad term to use because it has such a stigma attached to it now, but come on, every little thing in nature can be broken down into a very neat mathematical equation.. what else can i call it if not intelligently designed?

    i’m not trying to say i’m right and you’re wrong to anyone; creation could be true, evolution could be true, there may be a god or we could all be aliens, but whatever we are, however we got here, we are stuck here together, and the more we attack one another for not sharing the same opinion, the less we move forward as a species. we should embrace the fact that we are able to question and experiment and debate, rather than get stuck on a ridiculous argument that goes nowhere.

    and i do think the majority of comments on here are actually quite reasonable on second glance, it is just the few that aren’t that set me off on this tirade O_o

    • Why do “intelligent designers” demand that the Universe and Earth had to be built by a god, but in turn find it quite feasible that their god requires NO intelligent designer? It is nonsensical. If god does not require an “intelligent designer” then the same rationale should apply to the Universe, especially as there is not one jot of physical evidence to support the existence of any gods.

  49. Fascinating ideas, but the soundtrack to this was almost comical. Whoever put that together should be told to find a new job.

    I’m pretty sure there’s complex life elsewhere in the universe. It doesn’t make sense that there wouldn’t be. There are too many other worlds that could have Earth like conditions, where life could develop, or where life could have been intelligently placed.

    As for the weird argument in this comment thread… I could be wrong, but I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible where it says that life on Earth is the only life God ever created. It simply says that we were created and God has a plan for us at some point in the future. I also think it’s very possible that faith can be reconciled with scientific fact.

    The problem is that most people rely on the Bible as the infallible word of God. I think it’s more likely that if there ever were documents or sayings of God that were actually full and intact, those messages have been distorted by man to meet the needs of the time. Even the Bible itself says that man has freedom of choice, and in any given era, men in positions of power choose to use all tools at their disposal to control and shape public opinion. Religion can be a powerful tool. There are too many inconsistencies in the Bible to be explained away in terms of the Bible being wholly infallible. I think it’s more likely that parts of it were inserted for the benefit of one group or another, and that we have to pick and choose what seems to be genuine. A case in point is in how some of the major Biblical events mirror earlier legends and religious stories that predate Christianity and Judaism. They were incorporated into the Biblical story for the sake of familiarity, to more easily bring people into the faith.

    Also, you have to take into consideration when the Bible was written. Concepts like life on other planets, or the existence of other stars and galaxies, probably would have meant very little to the masses and in fact would have been unnecessary given the purpose of God’s message. It would be like showing someone from 2000 years ago an iPhone and trying to explain the concepts behind it. Where do you even start when the person doesn’t even know what a phone is? I think that a lot of what’s in the Bible might have been people trying to explain events in terms they could understand and terms they knew other people would understand. Perhaps the Bible is more about setting a mood and trying to depict the character of God than it is about trying to record fact or actual events. That’s not to say everything in the Bible is incorrect or fictional, just that we have to understand it in terms of what we know about the world through science. God wouldn’t have given us the ability to discover the way things work if he didn’t intend for us to use it.

    Anyway, I could go on with that train of thought for quite a while. I’ll stop rambling now.

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