We Call It Techno!

We Call It Techno! tells the story of a tempestuous phase in music history, the first time that pop culture was created significantly in Germany. With exclusive interviews and comprehensive, mostly unreleased film and photo archive material from the years 1988-1993!

Incl. Statements from Ata, Cosmic Baby, Mijk van Dijk, Elsa for Toys, Hell, Mike Ink., Jürgen Laarmann, Mark Reeder, Tanith, Triple R, Upstart, Sven Väth, Wolle XDP and many more.

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  1. How open my whatsaap because your it technology is susspended the whatsaap

  2. how music and placebos effect psychology

  3. where’s the video? I cannot see it.


  4. This was an epoch in history, a unique and exciting great time culturally and musically.
    This small time period gave birth to Techno and the rave scene, hip hop and rap, grunge, the falling of the berlin wall, computer games and the end of the cold war.
    It was a time when there were discernable subcultures, people usually belonged to a group, of which everyone dressed similarly, listened to similar music and went out to particular places that catered to their tastes.
    That has certainly changed, now everything is blurred, music is banal, hipster’s roam free and everybody is so disconnected they’ve forgotten they are part of nature.
    Gen X experienced recession, the rise of global capitalism and exponential apathy. Millennials have only known prosperity and self indulgence.

  5. No techno is made for people who wanted to escape from everything.

  6. Techno was made by people who love music and want to push its boundaries.

  7. Sound quality is too bad to watch. Great film though. Will have to track it down with good sound.

  8. Techno was made for people who take alot of extacy