We Have Ways Of Making You Talk

Filmed in France, Israel, USA, Algeria, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and the UK, this disturbing and candid BBC documentary explores the history of modern interrogation techniques and the rise of modern torture using revealing interviews with state interrogators and state torturers.

The legacy of this history continues to shapes our present, especially in the United States, and some of these techniques have now become routine in the war on terror – be it the use of dogs, water-boarding, or sexual humiliation. This long, unbroken line of inhuman cruelty connects Nazi Germany to Abu Ghraib, and is an essential issue in today’s political landscape.

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  1. I am currently a Criminal Justice major and find these practices to be right on the line of barbaric, but I believe that since the majority of these interrogations were during war, I think it is different than policing a civilian population, but at the end of the day, I am happy that I’m not in any one of their shoes.

  2. When you’re done feeling sorry for the prisoners remember 2 things.
    1. They want to kill you now and always have.
    2. If they were in your shoes they would do the same or worse to you.

    Best not to get caught at all.

  3. I stopped watching five seconds after listening the documentary was going to be narrated by a talking vagina. I’d rather suffer a torture than listen a woman talk for more than precisely 5 seconds.

  4.  It’s strange to think these are western countries that these examples are taken from.  It’s quite sad that Orwell was right when asked on his vision of the future and he said imagine a boot stepping on a human face.