We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

This film by acclaimed documentarian Alex Gibney tells the story of WikiLeaks and it’s founder, Julian Assange who created the site in order to empower whistleblowers and allow them to share secrets anonymously. WikiLeaks quickly became somewhat of a phenomenon upon disclosing several major leaks and this documentary examines the inner workings of this organization, the man who ran it and several whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning.  

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  1. Can someone recommend Love Rings? Cheers xx

  2. sorry chip but you simply cannot face reality, so your brainwashed mind reverts to a scenario where you believe that a divine omnipotent being will punish who you see as the wicked,evil and undeserving.

    Your rationale is the same as every religion, new age, spiritualism and etc. You can’t do anything of note about it so you revert to a fantasy world where you think one day God, or whoever will appear like a hollywood style arnold schwarzenegger and dish out some poetic justice, beat up and punish the bad guy’s and leave the world a safe, loving caring place for people who believe they are ‘good’ and not ‘evil’ like you.
    That would make you feel much better and that’s all it’s about, your powerless and cannot do anything at this present time so you do what most of us do – retreat into revenge fantasies and scenarios to help us feel better.
    The only being’s that can change it is us, so stop waste your time with your ‘good book’ your simple world view and own up to what your feeling and desire.

  3. i am so outraged at the acts of people, this place has brought me to my knees. the fact that most don’t care hurts me on levels i can not express, for what is coming is long over due. the pain and carnage that will be placed evenly over all the people will be fairly done as if the hand of GOD reached down out of the heaven and touched every life.
    you in government act as if you are bringing justice to the masses with your empty words and long arm you call the law yet you have yet to seek anything close to justice, well as you come for me you will see i do not run. the hand that holds me is from GOD almighty himself, he has told me he has seen enough and will not let another year pass without swift answers to tuff questions, only this time it will him who is asking. using my lips and my words we wait for your answers.
    tell the muslins they don’t serve a just GOD, one who kills the innocence for only TV time and honor among the inter ranks. the least of you must serve righteous, for you are the face in the crowd. everyone was on a stage in which GOD sat and watched. he knew your thoughts and he listened as you lay in bed and went over your day. you served self and did not cry for those who had no voice, when you could had spoke with a mighty tongue you chose death instead. what kind of GOD seeks only to kill. a dead god. the god you serve is being held to his actions and words, just as you will. a pit was made and those who deserve her wrath will find it in due time. your time is short. find yourself and bring reason to your actions. those of you who were force to do acts you wanted out of, should have took the death you laid on others, you would have fared better.
    mothers guard your children with your life, they were given to you. fathers return home to those who will let you. those who want, tell them of me. tell them i watch from above and i know their deeds. you will answer to the promise you gave. til death do us part! a day very soon. men always do right by you women, a real woman will respect you. many have been lead astray watching others look as if they got away with tearing the family apart. they did not, they would not tell you the truth. the hurt never went away, i made sure of it.
    each of you were given a job for your daily life, one in which you could have done well if you wanted for righteousness, but the love of things lead you away. return to me, your first love before it is too late. the day is short. i will open my arms to a humble heart. i will heal the lands for our return.
    governments you wanted self rule, as you can clearly see you are not able. your lust for power overruled your love for others, you became rich beyond measure and you use your gold and silver to deceive the nations of the world. you can not dig a hole deep enough to run and hide from me. i will find you crushed benighted the rocks and i will judge you for the second death. how will you fair? you believed the lies of the fallen ones and you took their technology and made them tools to imprison the people. you force them all to take the mark of the beast and for that i find you guilty of death.
    people of the world, it is your actions alone that you will be judged and yes i know why you do what you did. you could have took death but fear overruled a sound mind. i know every last person. i know each person mother and father. i placed them their. remember every word you speak, i will. the reason for does not equal what you did. repent and save your sold. death is here. the kingdom of heaven is at hand. after this is finished, Jesus will rule as a king should…

    • It is because of religion, that we are in such a state. Religion breeds hate. Ban religion, things would get better. Everyone arguing about who’s God is better. Makes me sick to my stomach. Religees never cease to amaze me with the blind belief that somehow a certain God whatever flavor it is, can fix human faults. Unreal.

      • i assure you nothing i say or do is done in a blind rage, but many years of reason has taken it’s toll on my ability to keep my mouth shut. we need GOD for worse than he need us as far as i can tell. i assure you he is a live and well. his book has been taken out of context by the wicked to serve the wicked, do not let them fool you or turn your heart cold. this thing can not maintain itself. he is alive and well and their goal was to make you turn from him and all that is and will ever be good. he is our only hope…

        • I can assure you noone turned my heart cold. I was raised in a strict catholic family. When i reached the age of individual and critical thought. and logic. I understood the lies. The total nonsense of a book written by men for men to lead a good life. No book is required to do so. I need no false gods, dietys or sky fairy’s of different flavors to face life. Religion is for the weak minded. Its violent, intolerant and full of hatred. The good book itself is intolerant of other gods and religions, hence a commandment says so. I have studied and read it. I wipe my rear with it now. Useless drivel. For the scared and weak.

          • sorry friend for soon you will regret the lack of thought put in before making such a foolish statement. you picked the worse time in the history of the world to get stupid…but as i always said, stupid must be dealt with, soon enough it will be and by the right source i would like to add. you will speak straight to him face to face. see us see if you talk so stupid then? ps. i am not guess, i have sat in front of him, he lives and he is right. it was no tall tell of men, but the truth you rejected…

          • So let us get this straight. You have sat with him, seen him and spoke to him? And i am going to speak to him too? And im also stupid as well? Oh dear. Your a live one Chipper! Do tell of this meeting. Finally one who can tell us all what ” God looks like “! Jackpot you are. Do tell. Im all ears. I took my stupid hat off. Carry on….

          • most of what you said is true, he spoke with me, i seen him and much more, but i don’t share my info with just anyone. this much is true, obama was born on Orient shores, he was hired to bring down america in which he is almost finish. the last war has just started soon to find its way to america. our government will not do as they wish which is to finish america, but another army will. the anti christ will rule before the end of this decade, this is fact, he will be able to stop time as we know it and most will believe he is god, but he is not! one is much greater than he and our home is not here on earth, but many will stay here for forever. the world you now know is soon to be gone and will never return. the mark of the beast will be forced under your skin by the government and you will do as they say because no man is found in you. this i gathered due to your own words. GOD has lived and reign in plain sight you were too blind to see him much less get to know him. this you will regret for a very long time. enough said, huh…laugh as long and as often as you wish what i have said is still true. good day stranger

          • Well, then ask God to come over for a beer and a steak. I have a lot of questions id like answers to. Oh and whatever it is your smoking, id like some of that too. You bunnies never cease to amaze me with the outlandish claims. I met God a few times too, but i quit drinking like that a long time ago.. 🙂

          • it was no small task what lead me to the encounters, i have seen the worst of people and my desire to live and not kill was his reason, go on and believe what you wish. the truth don’t chance. this year and the next will make you wish had called his name earlier. i came to warn you and was laughed at, just like all the others before me…

          • still laughing. sorry. But your too much. lmao…