Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution

For two years CNN has reported from the frontline’s of a battle between those who say Marijuana saved their lives, the doctors that want to prove it and federal agencies that have persisted on standing in the way, at stake is the ability to use this plant as a regulated prescription drug. Some say it’s the only thing that works for treating them, from PTSD, chronic pain and alzheimer’s, it appears we are in the midst of Marijuana Revolution and the tide may be finally turning as Scientists and politicians alike are posed to prove Marijuana can change lives for the better.

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  1. The Thirteen Colonies would take care of this USA Federal Government in its use of using petty commodities; such as, Recreational Cannabis just as the Thirteen Colonies took care of the Federal Government of King George lll, and his Religion of the Pope of Rome using the petty commodity known as tea to enslave the people, and you can see how the strategy works in that once you can get the people to be a coward you can flood the country with a commodity, and make money doing that while at the same time you can make money imprisoning those with the commodity that you have just flooded the country with, and to top it off the Federal Government and its Religion can do what they are known to do once the people have become a coward, and that is to now have the freedom to go and commit atrocities as they steal other People’s resources, and steal other People’s freedoms as well; after all, this is what Governments and Religions do best. Thus, the Thirteen Colonies chose freedom, and said that it stops now with the tea before we end up The United States of America in the Twentieth Century, and in the Twenty-First Century enslaved to the Federal Government of The United States of America, and its chosen Religion in which a cowardly people get the Government they deserve, and the streets they deserve as well because they have forgotten their Declaration of Independence, and they have forgotten their Constitution, and they have forgotten their Bill of Rights, and therefore they have forgotten that all of this was to protect Americans from their own Federal Government of The United States of America and its chosen Religion; thus, they have forgotten what it means to be an American as they have become now enslaved as a result of their cowardliness, and their Declaration of Independence, and their Constitution, and their Bill of Rights have now lost their power to protect American’s Freedom from the tyranny of The Federal Government of The United States of America, and its chosen Religion; therefore, if you want to be a True American then you contribute any amount of money to NORML which stands for National Organization Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML), and now you have told Religions and Governments do not tell American’s Democracy how Americans will live, because True Americans have a bloody History at going to war with Religions and Governments that tried to dictated how Americans will live, and it was called, The American Revolution, and it lasted from 1773 A.D. until 1776 A.D. when the killing was finally stopped, and The Federal Government and its Religion stayed across the Atlantic, and never messed with The American’s Democracy ever again because the American Flag stands for “REBELS” as King George lll, and his Pope of Rome painfully, and bloodily found out because a cowardly people get the Government they deserve, and the streets they deserve as well! EYE 5

  2. For ptsd? Pfft, fuck off!

    • Why is this so hard to believe?

      • The majority of mainstream do not know the medicinal history of Cannabis, it they did then they would understand, also they need to learn that they discovered more than 10 years ago that we humans have an Endocannabinoid system or receptors one in our brain and one in our body, just like any other systems in the human body, endoctrine system or nervoud system etc. I believe if more people are educated on such an old plant and its benefits, for ex: most people still refer to only the THC compound, well there is a 2nd compound CBD’s which is the medicinal compound that heals and treats disease and illnesses without the psychoactive ingredient. So learn everyone there are lots of research being done in looking at benefits rather than negative. Namaste