Wegmans Cruelty

Wegmans Cruelty is a half hour documentary produced by a small investigative team from the organization Compassionate Consumers. Organization members contacted Wegmans Food Markets to try to hold some meaningful dialogue about the conditions at Wegmans Egg Farm, and were then misled and dismissed by Wegmans representatives. The team set out to capture actual footage inside the farm and create a film based on their experience.

The film features statements from Wegmans representatives, interviews with the investigators, and footage of what life and death is like inside of a battery cage facility. Approximately 98% of all eggs produced in the United States come from hens that are housed in battery cages. Often unknowingly, customers are supporting the practices of modern egg farming by purchasing eggs.

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a 68-store supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia. The family-owned company, founded in 1916, is recognized as an industry leader and innovator. Wegmans has been named one of the ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’ by Fortune Magazine for the last several years. In 2005, Wegmans ranked #1 on the list.

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  1. I found your website through Google, Happy that you’ve moved your site preference.

  2. I think it’s time we made laws with serious monetary consequences for this kind of abuse. Certainly, raising chickens in cages should be outlawed, not only for the sake of the chickens, but for the consumer’s sake as well. Diseases can easily be passed this way to the consumer. When is congress gonna do something about it. These chicken places can be monitored by different activist groups with certain minimum guidelines such as pure water, fresh food, enough staff to care for the chickens, fresh air, etc. Anyway, I’m done with eating mass produced eggs.