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Paradise City shows us an unexposed side of homelessness at a young age, a side that we all should be aware of. We walk & ride past homeless people everyday and wonder how they got there. These questions often lead to our assumptions that they are lazy, trouble makers, or were addicted to drugs. Although this may be true in some cases, we should look at our own reflection and ask ourselves, what addictions do we have? What’s so different in our lives that solidifies our livelihood and luxuries we often take for granted?

This film will serve its purpose to show our generation that no matter what background you come from, how old you are or how much money you have, in a blink of an eye it can all be taken away.

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  1. A little more junk porn for yer on the free documentary channels. Isn’t it rivetting to watch these heroes shoot their beautiful little lives through a needle? “..we had the h o n o u r of staying with ..etc ” Guess the maker had run out of bullshit realities to spend his creeping new age overweening obsequiousness on. Personally I’d go with the somewhat less PC occluded subtext.. “..jeez i just wanted to give her one so badly that skinny babe but she maybe had lice and all kinds infections including maybe even the big one. So hey i made this piss easy slacker documentary about her instead, knowing all the drones are gonna be gaggin’ over her enough not follow their impulse to switch this shit off and maybe get me my money back —- now t h a t ‘s what you call a captive audience ! “

  2. o awesome guys! – 1 minute in and ya are drinking out of a plastic cup – whilst criticizing the recycling business behind you – hmmmm – who is fueling that business with your plastic cups? Yay ! get a life of real life if you are gonna criticize – hypocrites!

  3. I haven’t watched this yet, because I saw comments about a “poor dog”.
    Is something awful happening to a dog?
    I can’t stand to see stuff happening to animals.

  4. That squat use to be epic and its sad to see it so lifeless… fucking junkies and oogles ruin everything.

  5. poor, poor dog !!! about those two who gives a fu** they chose to destroy their life themselves !!!

  6. she is very attractive, oh I used to be homeless too lol

  7. This isn’t a film about homelessness, it’s a film about drug addiction and healthy, advantaged white people who choose to throw their lives away and live like pigs because they’re too lazy to work and too ignorant to play their part in community or society.

  8. Another very sad example of failed parenting, willful ignorance, lack of education & extreme hubris by both children & adults involved in this tragic story of lost lives. Of course there is no easy, welcomed or universally accepted solution to this tragedy. If only both the parents as well as these self deluded spoiled children would accept their responsibility in this ongoing cycle of hatred & negativity there might be a light at the end of this dark, abusive, endless tunnel.

  9. the address for krispfilms here is wrong, the link given is:

  10. Am sure God will find a way to help, hope they no to avoid the money grabbing cults,

    • Seriously!? ROFL!!! I hope to all that is good someone else gets to experience the extreme humor within jim’s comment. Also are you that ignorant that you actually proposed banning religions? and yes it is RELIGION! Seriously did you go FUCKTHESPELLCHECKLETSDOTHIS!!! Also if you don’t know what these fancy symbols ,’;:. mean please stay away.

  11. brilliant film, amazing young people to freely talk about their situation, I am sure God will find the way however they will need to steer clear from the money grabbing cults, the American way of having so many different religeons totaly non Biblical, twisting the word to cause division, is now well set going in France , they love to put ‘old bandages on clean wounds’ and often cause new ones, France should consider banning most of these off the street,

  12. …lazy hippies 🙂

  13. Poor fucking Dog!

  14. Lol “We walk & ride past homeless people everyday”…..

    Nope, not me. My culture, our economy and local community do not allow it. All are housed. Only those who refuse it (mental health) can be found. That is because there is plenty of money in western society to fix the problem. This is true in MOST western nations.

    So anyway, as I was saying – fuck you America. Your shit stinks. Clean it up you fucking pigs. Give these people free methadone, for a start.