What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate
Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the
American Lifestyle.

Featuring interviews with Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen, Jerry Mander, Chellis Glendinning, Richard Heinberg, Thomas Berry, William Catton, Ran Prieur and Richard Manning. Produced by Sally Erickson. Written, Directed, and Edited by Tim Bennett.

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  1. It makes you wonder if there is some truth about the Bible saying that one-third of the oceans will die, huge famine and pestilence will become of the World, and the Kings of the Earth will all gather together fighting for the Middle East’s Resources, and the Middle East’s Political Resources, and the Middle East’s Religious Resources, and the war will be so different than any other war in the History of The Human Being Species, and if the war is not cut short, all flesh will perish, and the Human Being Species will become extinct, and this great war that has never been seen before will be called, “Armageddon,” and it will test the entire Human Being Species Worldwide, and there will be no where to hide away from it, and before the 21st Century this simply seemed like fear mongering of the mentally unstable; however, in the 21st Century it is The Human Being Species that has literally become mentally unstable, and they can now make the Prophecies of The Bible to literally become the truth, and The Human Beings can do this in the “Information Age” which is the age of “Enlightenment” to other intelligent species; however, for The Human Being Species it has been proven a complete failure as The Human Beings begin to “Darken” instead of enlightening; thus, instead of good health and happiness on a Garden of Eden Earth, The Human Beings in their failure have become mentally unstable literally, and as a result of their mental instability The Human Being Species have become dangerous to life itself as they continue to darken towards Armageddon; thus, fulfilling the Prophecies of The Bible about the failure of The Human Being Species to evolve to a Higher State of Consciousness, and their failing grade will be Armageddon. If there are Human Being survivors after Armageddon, they will hate Governments and Religions unlike ever before, and if the surviving Human Beings are going to survive, they know they must give up all Governments and all Religions for they are the failure that has proven themselves to be, and if the surviving Human Beings cannot seem to do this, then the next Global Failure will most certainly be the Human Beings’ last failure, and The Human Being Species will be no more, and the wisdom to the story is that if you continue to support failure you get failure, and Governments and Religions have a success rate of ZERO at saving Human Beings’ Souls, and Governments and Religions have a success rate of ZERO at mastering The Garden of Eden Earth as creation created it, and Governments and Religions have a success rate of ZERO at saving the World with Peace; thus, if you support failure you get failure! There is “no mystery” to this “WISDOM!” Then when you understand this wisdom you will realize that Governments and Religions were already here on The Garden of Eden Earth created by the evolved “Superstitious” Human Beings that learned how to enslave the populace; thus, comes the craftiest beast of the Garden as it is even today, and it is called Religions, but in the “Old World” language it is called, “The Talking Serpent,” and it created Laws that became Governments in which they are the Beast of Death, and Governments are called in the “Old World” language, “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Now this wisdom that Religions and Governments are not GOD’s plan is becoming ever so clear as The Human Being Species is confronted by their own extinction of death from their Religions and Governments; thus, GOD did not lie to Adam and to Eve to stay away from the Human Beings, but Adam and Eve failed when they became “Converted” to the Human Beings’ Religions; thus, Adam and Eve now worship Religions and Governments just as Modern Human Beings do today as Modern Human Beings are closer to fulfilling the Prophecies of The Bible which are “warnings” from Wisdom itself; thus, if you worship failure then failure you will get, and if you would rather die than to give up the failure, then as a Human Being Species it is no surprise that as a Species you die and become “EXTINCT!” And again, there is “no mystery” to this “WISDOM!” EYE 5

  2. It all seems very defeatist, like people have accepted that there is nothing we can do to change so why bother trying. Perhaps I am an optimist, but I can’t imagine we will wipe ourselves out. Genetically modified foods, nuclear fusion, new inventions and materials being discovered, not only have the power to stop any disasters, but also help bring 3rd world countries out of starvation. If we are faced with a threat this is when we are most productive, we make and invent most when we are at war and now we are faced with a new danger that we will battle and I think we will win.

    It is also probably worth noting that countries such a Japan are in fact dramatically reducing in population, simply by not having so many kids.

    • GM foods have been an unmitigated failure. Crop yields from traditional breeding methods have outcompeted them at every level.
      Don’t swallow the corporate hype from Monsanto.

  3. The only answer to all the serious questions proposed in this video is : PERMACULTURE
    Whoever do a next step and continue research on the key word that I proposed above has all ready done 50% of the job. Grow your own food for free, get alternative energy for free, build sustainable eco-dome for free, run micro economy within your community. Cut out all dependencies from the system and all personal dependencies from addictions. Love nature and love life. Life will love you back in the way it manifested for our ancestors.. And one more thing.. Life is ONE.. God is ONE > Love you people 🙂

  4. The opinions of faith healer and the (ideological) 2nd ‘Geography/Media studies type’ year student; at the start of the documentary, kinda sums up content and the strong lack of academical rigger displayed throughout this documentary.  Purely 2 hours of personal opinion mixed heavily with rhetoric. Add to this: plenty of old news/propaganda clips, trying to give some sort foundation and justification to the author’s dribble.

    If your the ideological type who enjoys pointless rhetoric with zero educational qualities? Then this is for you.

    What an absolute bore!

  5. This documentary while lacking any real editorial skill or craft at storytelling did bring up some valid points, but jeez, the monologue is so cheesy and boring. People are so naive when it comes to this sort of subject matter. Yea sure we are all gonna go back to living like Native Americans. They also had territory and fought for land and resources. Primitivism just laughable. The vast majority of people don’t want to go back to living off the land, and the fact is that there isn’t enough in the wild to support the population of earth. So now we get to the real question. Are we gonna force sterilize the majority of the population, or wait until there is a pandemic to thin the herd, or maybe some corporation can bio engineer one for us? The truth is there isn’t a solution that won’t cost us dearly. It seems that the best solution would be sustainable cities which could be manufactured at considerable cost. While leaving the undevolped land wild, but of course we would still need resources, so building things which last along time and can break down without tens of thousands of years would be in the planets best interest. Real education about the carrying capacity of the planet could possibly help. Technology can’t save us but it could save us from a life of boredom foraging for food. The chances any of the solutions to our problems actually happening while you have a small minority of wealthy people controlling all the resources on the planet is zero. 

  6. I really did like this doc only it was so defeatist. Now I am a realist and I do think that this world is in alot of trouble in the the next 2 generations. I just think instead of hugging trees and watching the tyde come in we should do something to help our kids live some semblance of life. No big screen T.V. or S.U.V. but at least some clean air and water to drink. I think we owe them at least that. We need to stand up now. 

  7. I’m reading the comments like “there’s not enough scientist, they’re a bunch of hippies, white-republican trash, blah, blah, blah”
    Tell me then, is there a way the world can sustain the demands of today’s world at an increasing rate? Even a school kid can answer this one, and so can you. None.
    This documentary resonates with truth…. see ya at the other side!

  8. I am aware that we need to take better care of our own planet; as the saying goes “would you do that in your own home?” But the reality of the situation is we are only responsible for a small fraction of global warming; the climate changes. There are a couple of reasons for this, the Earths orbit and the suns output of radiation. The later is the main reason because our orbit (and green house emissions) can’t be held responsible for the methane polar ice caps of Mars not forming in its winters.
    Our orbit & carbon emission (which is non toxic and the flora quite like it) are not to blame for Jupiter developing a second giant red spot.
    We as a species can not be held accountable for the suns increased activity. The people in power now this which is why nothing has been done about it; apart from blaming us for it. When they discovered CFC’s were destroying the ozone layer they did something about it; quickly.

  9. The woes are accurate, but the course of human history started all this selfishness. It’s warlike nature didn’t go anywhere, getting touchily feelly is not going to get the job done. Ask God is good, but He answered already. You reap what you sow. Even ,if we repent of it, we still reap it. Don’t do it in the first place, but we did it already. This is a cry from people who already jumped off the cliff, and are trying to say we don’t have to hit the ground. The blood of 1/2 billion murdered innocent children must needs requited, buy a Just God.We sowed it, and we are going to reap it. Need I mention all the other killing and other less deadly crimes. It is God’s planet, His creation, and even if all these woes were remedied, we still all have to die. Wages of sin is death, nobody beats the rap. Actually that Christian God you don’t like said all this would happen, but He is going to fix it up in Eternity, where their is no time and no liars. Plenty of everything for everybody, forever and it is God’s good pleasure to give it to you,like a Good Father.God is Good, the Only One who is Good. Your kinda leaving Him out of the solution, rather feeble attempt to change evil human behavior. God will sort them out, sheep and goats.

  10. A very long film, filled with so many statements and images; but very interesting and informative.

    Tim Bennette et al put into words what I have been thinking for the past year or so; but could never express properly to anyone else . When I’ve tried to tell those closest to me about these thoughts and feelings, they’ve looked at me as if I was crazy.

    Of all the images that were thrown at me throughout this film; I couldn’t get the footage of that poor white dog out of my mind. He will forever haunt me.

    I’m trying to make my little corner of the world a better place for nature. I try to fight city hall and keep the land developers away from my neighborhood.

    People say they care too, and they’ll help; then they never show up for the meetings. But these same people sure can complain in private; while more acres of woodlands disappear for strip malls and new homes we don’t need.

    I fight for walking trails, foot paths; anything to get my neighbours up and moving around without polluting. City planners don’t care; citizens don’t unite and demand change.

    I think most people would rather watch their favorite tv shows than get off their asses and organise against the powers that be.

    How many people do YOU know, personally; who watch documentaries as a hobby, and discuss the way the world is heading? Who care to notice that this industrialised way of life will all come to an end soon?

    You don’t have to be a brainiac to see what is going on, you just have to care. I can’t even begin to comprehend some of the comments that were posted after this film. Huh????

    One more thing, the suggestion that an uncivilized person watching us would think that we must be totally insane, made me laugh my head off. We must look crazy, rushing around all over the place, avoiding eye contact.

    And, the image of us of going to brightly lit bars without any music, to meet new people! Maybe we really are insane? I’m still laughing!

    I enjoyed this doc even though it made me even more depressed than I already am.

    Maybe I’ll take up smoking again, and try to ride out the rest of my life as comfortably as possible until I am wiped out in a war, starved to death or poisoned.


  11. great video that put life in perspective for me, before i saw this i was feeling all of it just not understanding

  12. Hi! Cool stuff. Do you think anyone would do it? Is there anything else you think we should know? Any other tips?

  13. The message I got was, “We can’t go on living like we have, trusting in what we are told is the truth, beleiving in institutions that only have their self perpetuation at heart, and waiting for the next politician to promise us the next bigger and better something that had to be stolen from someone else first.” I’m quiet certain that isn’t the message Tim Bennett was shooting for, however I think all the above is nonetheless true.

  14. Huge amount of information in this documentary, deep down I think a lot of people feel the same way – lonely, disconnected, unhappy, helpless, and there’s nowhere to escape …learned a lot even though I am familiar with most of the problems, not sure if it is the peak oil, climate change will drive us to the catastrophic state since the information out there these days are so confusing so there’s really no sure way to tell what’s really happening. The ongoing wars, destruction to all life forms and environment are merely the symptoms. Like Geroge Carlin said, “don’t save the planet, it’s going to be there, it’s us that needs to be saved.” Whatever technologies or inventions will fall into the hands who want to make money out of them, eventually – we could have moved towards clean energy long time ago, or focused on community food production…but then clean energy, community food production chain over time will face the same fate, be corrupted and turned into profit-making machines. The hardest thing to achieve is to change our minds, especially ourselves. It is depressing though, to realize that there’s very little the people can do on a small scale, our voice is so weak compared to the media that’s feeding everyone what they want us to hear on a daily basis, thus making rational, provocative, constructive, meaningful conversations impossible, at the end of the day, who – either lives in a false sense of happiness in denial or understands the problem and knows it’s hopeless, wants to hear more bad news? 

    Yet we have to strive for hope, since we do not have a choice and our nature is not suicidal, I like the ending, it’s a good way to bring peace to our heart, personally I feel it’s better to know the truth even though it is hurtful, it does prepare us for the waves that are coming so we can embrace it rather than be fearful of it and it does help us live better for the moment. 

    Perhaps the filmmaker, who is obviously intelligent and well-informed, can consider making another documentary on the solutions, there’re things we can do, not just recycling, buying from community organic farms, home-schooling our kids, but on a much bigger scale like accepting the idea of maybe the system can be redesigned or maybe we can live in a world without money since now we are all voting for and contributing to the current failing system every moment thinking that we do not have any other options, whether we like it or not;  maybe the root cause of the root cause IS the monetary system, like Jacque Fresco (Venus Project) said, if we don’t transition to a more sane society, we are not going to make it…just some ideas. Also maybe go outside of the US, even though the super power positions itself as the center of the universe, disciplines and dominates what other nations do and not do, there are other places that we lived and still living are more sane and people are freer and happier due to different environment and systems they are in. Like Cuba, as an example, which was forced into organic farming due to the sanctions, today has some of the most diversified marine and animal life forms. Those are the “bad” places that may actually offer hope that we are all searching for. 

    Anyway, really enjoyed watching this film, depressing (which is okay after understanding it is the fact and maybe that is the driving force to changes for the future) but refreshing… I was curious and interested throughout the whole film, so I wouldn’t say it’s long but it is dense, which is good.  

  15. Forty years ago, climate scientists claimed the North Pole would melt.  People laughed.  It melted; they’re still laughing, but I can’t figure out why, although I suspect it has something to do with “Big Oil”, fear, and guilt.  Islands around New Zealand have already been evacuated.  Villages in Alaska have had to be abandoned.

    Forty years ago, solar scientists predicted none of this, and still have no explaination.

    FYI, scientists note facts, devise theories, collect more info, revise their theories, get more data, revise their theories further, on and on.  The best theories gain acceptance; the ones that fail to explain the data fall by the wayside.  That’s how science works.  What they don’t do is get into ranting arguments where the loudest one wins.  That is a better description of Corporate run politics and the “news” organization(s?) they own.

    Nobody makes money from Global Warming, although entrepeneurs could. International corporations, the Banksters, make money by keeping things the same; by keeping us in the dark and arguing amongst ourselves over the obvious.  Scientists make money doing their jobs, like most of the rest of us.  They don’t make more money from making false claims, which is a false claim made by the deniers.

    But every thinking person already knows all this.

  16. Thankfully I am a simple man.  I smile at people, talk to new people and am quite happy with my lot.  I guess I am not as smart as some but I believe that the world changes daily, always has, always will.  It will keep revolving long after the human race is extinct just like it did when the dinosaurs went away, like it did after the last ice age.  Do what you will, worry about what you want the only constant is change.

  17. Good luck on getting the rich to give up what they have in order to make this happen. There is an answer. it is called the Zeitgeist Movement. Google it.

  18. Dude sea levels aren’t rising, cities aren’t sinking. Climate change will be seen as the great shot in the foot for those who want to bring about change. Time to get of that doom and gloom carbon tax propaganda and focus on the real issues.

  19. Reading some of these comments, it seems we are proving the point. Look at this… do you expect society to fall into line……if you are incapable of hearing another’s opinion without attacking them personally, then profess to be enlightened…if people actually had the intelligence we so covet….maybe we would also have the patience to realize that some do not, maybe I have a different definition than most…

    The purpose of the documentary is quite simple; We….all of us are completely aware of the situation we are in, just as we are completely aware of what it is we would have to do in order to sustain ourselves. We need to give it all up…..all of it……and we all know it…..but that;s too hard….

    Instead we come up with excuses and rationalizations as to why we do the clearly insane things we do, all the while in assuming that there will be no change in our status quo or way of life. In short we assume it is a given that we will continue to live like this…. or in some other sterile future that we all will simply comply with without question.

    I understand exactly he means, and why there is also a sadness in his voice, you see this documentary was a eulogy of sorts…..for the death of reason, patience, common sense and all the other things of intrinsic and inherent value we’ve traded, to live in a disposable society. 

    We work jobs we hate, for something that doesn’t actually exist…..that the government and every other institution tries to take it from you at every turn…or make you give it away in order to get something you don’t need, so you can feel a way that we used to feel all the time. What did people do before buying fancy cars and big houses was a way of making yourself fell better, or others feel worse? 

    Why can’t I piss in a urinal without a screen telling me how I should buy baccardi raspberry vodka or the benefits of colgate total? Why do I have to stand in line at the grocery store and see articles about Lady gaga telling me how i can please my man……for that matter, who says any of these people are cool anyway? They show up on a screen in your house and tell you how to dress and what to think…..and we just kind of swallow it.

    The effects of this are quite evident… seems we continue to create devices to save time….to network to shop form home…..this begs the question; where does it stop? these devices that we’ve created to bring us together seem to only further alienate us from one another. 

    Think about it, when was the last time someone you didn’t know smiled at you? When was the last time a cop was there when you needed them? Why are we always in a rush, if these things are supposed to give us more time? We sit on buses and subway cars packed like sardines day in and day out….while avoiding eye contact headphones popped in, with people just inches away from you but never so far…..

    To be honest….I wish I could be someone like that..simple…happy in my lot…perhaps my life would be easier?  It wouldn’t be scratching on the fringes of my consciousness at every waking moment…..maybe I wouldn’t wonder why there are so many more commercials than there used to be? Maybe I wouldn’t wonder, I’ve tried…….it’s as if they can smell it on me…that I’m not one of them, never will be…….

    The truth is, this world is insane….utterly and irrevocably. What’s more insane is  we realize it and don’t care………..there isn’t going to be some great cataclysm….or some war….what is going to happen is everything is just going to keep getting more expensive,harder to get,it’s already started if you haven’t noticed. 

    No, we aren’t going to go out with a bang………and all these activists, movements? hm….lead by example practice what you preach….maybe people will listen, what they won’t listen to is b.s conjecture and inferential logic, built on a foundation of presupposed conclusions and archaic patterns of thought, what they won’t respond to is techno music, and stock footage of bombs exploding, and starving children, and for that matter why does it matter if people follow you? isn’t that the same thing the establishment is doing? I guess because you’re on the “left” that makes your opinion just right?  

    But then again…….what do I know ?

    I’m just some dude who watched a movie. 

    Think for yourself.seems to be the only freedom we have left. 

    • Like frogs sitting in the bottom of the well we think that the sky we see is all there is out there. We think we know everything and have the greatest achievements but we don’t – we barely have time to think outside of what we are going to eat and if we have time to cut the grass over the weekend, not to mention the wild animals that we are driving into extinction, after all, we are busy killing other fellow humans, who cares about the animals? We are the prisoners of our own minds, and we are going to drive ourselves into extinction exactly like the Easter Islanders. 

      Something has to change before it’s too late, and even if it is already too late, I choose not to play the game of monopoly. 

  20. Rather than engage in a group spanking let me just bring up some questions whose real answers have solution to the problems in this film. Have anyone done so called greenhouse gas experiments? Plants like it. The sun isnt a fusion engine. Its an electric anode. It gets its energy from the galaxy and we get ours from it predominantly. Theres your global warming. How is the electricity expressed in your homes generated? Theres a scam you are gonna freak out about when you check your preconcieved paradigms. Worm farming is compact , recycles and replaces all other fertilizers. Airponics not hydroponics replace the need for lots of landf to cultivate. When all our assumptions are base on old and obsolete theories like Isaac newtons, ofcourse we are gonaa conflict with each other. we already have and have had a replacement for the standard model and its so simple actually. the universe is electric in nature and we live in an electric field. Tap it and we will have our dependence on energy solvrd

    • Mate, smoke another spliff and shut up.  Idiot.

      • Light another one and keep talking… this is funny, although difficult to read with the lack of paragraphs, correct punctuation, etc 😛

      • Light another one and keep talking… this is funny, although difficult to read with the lack of paragraphs, correct punctuation, etc 😛

      • Light another one and keep talking… this is funny, although difficult to read with the lack of paragraphs, correct punctuation, etc 😛

  21. Hey honestly ive been working out these problems with real life solutrions. And so have many others actually. None of which appeared in this documentary. If this guy helps us question status quo, then great. But he seems to have just wakened up after sleeping for 50 years.This documentary feels like a sleep walker woke up in the middle of the road and is hysterical. Some one slap him please.So who has knowledge and who is pretending? The people who are figuring out the solutions and not popping off with old cliche’ and buzz words i would say have the insight. When you spin off from actual applications to philosophical ramblings you loose connectioin with practicality. I am just hoping its his method for asking us to consider our own paradigms for something different but practical i might add. Oh look at SOHO satelite. The solar system i e the sun heated up. And we dont even need nor have we ever needed any fossil fuels. Cherck out john bedini and the over unity device people. I dont live in denial and would like to accept responsibility for the present fossil fuel calamity, but i cant so im developing the things that will allow me to do without them. Overunity airponics worm farming magnetic field repulsion. Japan has a maglev that can replace the airplane. Hey where ever your research is done thje answers atre out there in our world. We have had our realities crammed done our throats. Its gonna be tough discovering who we really are but if i can do it so can yall.

  22. Hey honestly ive been working out these problems with real life solutrions. And so have many others actually. None of which appeared in this documentary. If this guy helps us question status quo, then great. But he seems to have just wakened up after sleeping for 50 years.This documentary feels like a sleep walker woke up in the middle of the road and is hysterical. Some one slap him please.So who has knowledge and who is pretending? The people who are figuring out the solutions and not popping off with old cliche’ and buzz words i would say have the insight. When you spin off from actual applications to philosophical ramblings you loose connectioin with practicality. I am just hoping its his method for asking us to consider our own paradigms for something different but practical i might add. Oh look at SOHO satelite. The solar system i e the sun heated up. And we dont even need nor have we ever needed any fossil fuels. Cherck out john bedini and the over unity device people. I dont live in denial and would like to accept responsibility for the present fossil fuel calamity, but i cant so im developing the things that will allow me to do without them. Overunity airponics worm farming magnetic field repulsion. Japan has a maglev that can replace the airplane. Hey where ever your research is done thje answers atre out there in our world. We have had our realities crammed done our throats. Its gonna be tough discovering who we really are but if i can do it so can yall.

  23. Wonderful movie, very moving and brought the very meaning of our lives. I’m going to build my life boat and sustain myself in a local earthy way.

  24. this is an amazing documentary that is far more than just climate change, and peak oil, and consumerism, although that is part of it…BECAUSE it is part of it.

    I find it amazing how two people can watch the same movie and have completely opposite experiences. It’s the blessing, and curse, of being human I suppose. This film is SO not about climate change (it’s not just global warming guys) or even peak oil. It’s about civilization and the never ending pursuit of more, more, more…and the void we are trying to fill. we drank the kool-aid for better or worse, and now we are paying the price.

    The best part of the Martix was when Morpheus talks about humanity being virus. If that doesn’t ring true, especially to WASP’s, then you aren’t paying attention. I am a WASP and I see we what my culture has done and it is appalling, but I try to live against my upbringing.

    Watch this film at you peril…it might make you think.

  25. Well, I watched this doc several times. I think there is a lot of information in the doc that every person should be aware of.

    I am thankful for having the means to access information, although sometimes I do need to take a break from docs that are worrisome for me because I can tend to get discouraged if I don’t remind myself that not all of the information is 100% accurate and not all hope is lost.

    But I also feel that I need to be aware of the state of humanity, not to have my head in the sand. If it were up to our governments, the mainstream medias, the central banks, big corporations..they will and do, everything in their power to keep our heads in the sand.

    I am not unhopeful. I do believe that there is still a lot of good in this world. You and I…we can make a difference, for good, in every decision we make on a daily basis, no matter how small.

    I continue to make an effort, and I improve in my efforts every day, to be aware of how my decisions affect each and every human being, and the state of our beautiful Earth and the universe.

    Things that I try to improve on are…not running excess water for any use, reusing my resources until they are no longer usable (I despise our throw away society!), using and reusing cloth instead of paper towels, napkins etc., driving slower to conserve gas, using every possible bit of my foods, example; instead of cutting off the ends of carrots, celery etc then discarding, wash the ends good and use every drop. The possibilities are endless, and may seem trivial, but I believe every change we make to conserve and reuse will help to turn this “mess” of our throw away society around.

    Then of course, taking care of our spiritual self is of the utmost importance. We do need to reconnect with nature again. In my morning “rituals” (such as getting ready for work, etc) and my evening “rituals”, I am physically going outside my home and greeting my nature, having it wash over me, closing my eyes and enjoying every sound. I have made this as important as having my morning coffee! Simple, yet the value of those few minutes are priceless.

    The last thing I would like to mention is the importance of appreciating every human being. We all have differences, think differently, look differently, act differently, yet we are all the same. Every human being is important, and each of us is of value in this world and have a purpose. Let’s try to understand each other more, accept our differences and work together for our good and the greater good. This can be done, and be done peacefully. Be interested in each other, crave the knowledge that others can share and see how it can affect your life in such a positive manner!

    Peace and best to all.

  26. It’s obvious from reading the comments here that the main naysayers HAVE NOT EVEN BOTHERED TO WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY, but rather are turning it into something about American politics. How ridiculous. This documentary is about quite a bit more than Climate Change, and quite a bit more than the insular wank-fest that is the American Political scene. I cannot fathom how much of a willful moron you would have to be to sustain the denial system that it takes actually believe that mankind isn’t doing terrible damage to this planet. Even if you are one of those Fox News watching propagandized Americans who believe Climate Change is a “myth” (primarily because none of you even heard of it until Al Gore, whereas by that point it was already old news to the rest of the world), how can you gloss over the FACT that oil is a finite resource or the FACT that so many species are going extinct, or the FACT that the air is unclean, the oceans are polluted and the gluttony of the Western World is simply unsustainable? Wake up. Rather than cleverly regurgitating talking points you heard on Glenn Beck, why don’t WATCH the documentary, RESEARCH points that you might disagree with and – *gasp* – FORM AN INTELLIGENT OPINION?!

  27. There is no need to dispose of nuclear waste as there are a number of energy production means that are sustainable and non-nuclear.

    Aneutronic fusion by use of a plasma dense focus is the best bet right now in my opinion, though there are a number of other options.

    Unfortunately most of the grant/funding money is in neutronic fusion still which does produce neutrons(nuclear radiation) as they have already spent so much on it over the past 60 years or so they don’t want to lose face. But they still aren’t any closer to workable nuclear fusion that produces more energy than it consumes than they were 60 years ago.

    The main issue is that they are focused on standard nuclear fusion which is simply heat which they then use to run turbines and generators to create electricity.

    Aneutronic fusion through the dense plasma focus method produces electricity directly however without the need for turbines and generators and such. The Focus Fusion Society is working on that now.

    There are lots of options for future energy needs that are safer and more environmentally friendly than nuclear power.

  28. A beautifully made and thought provoking documentary. Personally I believe we need to go fully nuclear for electricity production and expend our efforts into electric motor transportation and the future development of fusion energy (which is happening). I know this swaps one problem for another but disposing of nuclear waste is probably preferable to slowly destroying the planets atmosphere. He’s wrong about one thing, people are working on the problems. In Europe at least companies are incentivized financially to reduce their carbon footprints and a general sense of sustainability is now becoming the cultural norm.

  29. Johnny: forget about scientifically proving anything.. how much of our technology is built on scientific principles that were since proved shaky and replaced by completely new ideas and still the technology survived.
    Yes, I know, I’m not a scientist, I’m just a dumbass average jane, but I have what I could call intuition. And it is telling me, if u look around in the world and see what’s going on, why in the name of god would u need to wait for a scientist proving something that is obvious, given that observations that could actually 100% prove the point, would last decades to gather. Nobody gave a damn about climate up until recently (I wouldnt call 60 years of observation data a good ground where climate is changing on a scale of thousands of years), no scientist investigated the amount and changes in greenhouse gases until times where the industrial revolution was actually already contributing to changes in the atmosphere.. There are no data (only assumptions) to compare to the recently gathered ones and so it is easy to argue that a small change in CO2 has nothing to do with us – easy but foolish.
    Science spits out new theories every day and even the PROVED ones can be discredited years/decades after they’ve been accepted and used in practice.
    Think of all those bureaucrats that are unable to do anything useful coz they follow stupid laws that someone put in place and everyone believes are necessary and right. Are you suggesting for us to be the same, that until scientists actually gather enough information to be able to clearly state our influence on climate, we shouldn’t be concerned with it, coz it doesn’t exist until it’s proved?
    Jesus, just use your head man! Use your imagination! I have been born to a world that was still different to this. The changes are happening at an alarming rate and you’re talking about climate change not scientifically proven.. How old are you and where are you from? This is not about arguing if mankind caused the climate change or not, this is about waking up and changing our whole lifestyle. Stop thinkin in terms of climate change as a separate matter from all the rest of it. Everything is interconnected to everything else and in recent times, even science seems to support this fundamental idea.
    Now, if we believe to know what carbon dioxide does and how many of it is a balanced amount and how it interacts with the atmosphere, and at the same time we understand that our industrial methods and fossil fuel burning produces an enormous amount of it, then what follows logically? If you look at the enormous rates of agricultural production required to feed mankind, that uses poison to make sure no other living creature eats our food before we get it (poisoned of course), or if you could count all those cows, stuffed with growth hormone and antibiotics, bred for us to eat (poisoned), producing huuuge amount of methane (that is a much more potent greenhouse gas, which causes more trouble in smaller amounts), what other evidence do u need that we are fucked up? Even if we didnt affect climate change and didnt cause global warming, who the hell cares, if you look at the smog over cities and breathe it all in every hour of every day? How is that in any way good for us? Isn’t it mankind who caused that? Have you ever had a chance to try the air in the mountains? Or in places not yet overrun and occupied by civilization? Well, in a few years, this will have been a stupid question since there will be no such thing as unaffected untouched areas on the planet. Are you looking forward to being a father or mother in a world where your child has no choice but to be born with poisons in its body and where it is forced to eat posion and breathe poison every day?
    I really don’t get people like you. There are people in this documentary, ordinary people with no degree in any science who nevertheless see.. should they be discredited because they’re not scientists, scientists who cannot get their projects financed unless there is some profit in sight from it, therefore will never be able to prove anything useful but rather are forced to work on stuff that produces profit for the greedy bastards up there?
    In times, when people are desperately looking for anything to hang on to, in terms of relieving the fear of human self-destruction, when people are as addicted to the ways of our civilization as people were addicted to the Matrix in the movie, you come up with a pretty little straw to hang on to: it is not scientifically proven… Oh, allright, whow I really feel relieved, let’s go have a beer and watch the rugby match…
    So, dear Johnny! I suggest you stop considering yourself an academic person and someone who knows better just coz they read scientific papers, and start using your eyes and intuition to see and your brain (not that of others) to think.

    The one thing I as an average dumbass person believe, and I didn’t even mean believe, I meant KNOW, is that your instinct is never wrong. So, when I walk the face of this planet, and my instinct is telling me there is something very wrong with the way our civilization is organized and science implemented and the direction we’re headed, just as all those other dumbass ordinary people’s instinct in the doc is telling the same thing to them, I believe anyone who goes on about how climate change is not caused by humans and thus misses the point of this documentary, is a sheep. A SHEEP listening to its shepherd, the monetary system and the twisted ways of thinking it brought about.

    If you want more solid evidence, I’m sure there’s plenty of documentaries out there for a well-educated person like you..

    • You didn’t provide any solid evidence, so how could I want ‘more’ of it?

      I don’t care much for documentaries for research, documentaries are for discussing research after I’ve finished reviewing the actual research itself, relying on documentaries for actual info is retarded.

      I am not smarter than anyone else I just am not afraid to read through thousands and thousands of research papers and understand that there are far greater influences on our climate than CO2 pollution or human beings in general.

      At the moment my main research is into the Earth’s electrical cycles which has the greatest influence on our climate and their greater connection to Sol-Earth circuit.

      This in turn has helped greatly in understanding the climate change occurring on other planets in our Solar system, as electrical activity and connections exist between all those planets and the Sun whereas alleged human-caused CO2 levels rising is unique to Earth alone and can not be the cause of those other changes.

      This is why specialism is killing modern science, nobody looks beyond the tiny piece of the puzzle they are tasked with researching to see how it ties in to the big picture.

      Keep being tunnel visioned on AGW crap if you want, but my focus in environmental issues are the important ones like stopping illegal chemical dumping and deforestation(still rampant today) rather than trying to combat a natural fertilizer.

  30. Very thought provoking documentary. I’ve seen others on this topic, and this one delves far deeper.

    I think most people aren’t panicked because they know it probably won’t hit the fan until after they are dead. But hit it will, at some point. It doesn’t even take science of any kind. It’s pretty simple really, infinite population growth, finite resources.

  31. Oh thank god a middle class white guy has come to terms with peak oil.

  32. it’s not like burning hydrocarbons can possibly be good for the world.

  33. let me guess. youre a white, christian republican eating up what corporate america is feeding you.

  34. Would have liked to see more scientists and less artists

  35. Nothing but quotes and interviews from crying artists, authors and hippies..

  36. pure propaganda based upon the faulty data of climate gate

    • People crying “climate gate” are some of the worse types of people. Unfortunately, they are also responsible in every way for whats going on right now. Mechanics no about cars. Doctors know about diseases. And scientists know about science. Regardless of the quality of this doc. people still disbelieving the clear, and irrefutable evidence of serious global warming aren’t merely fooling themselves, they’re merely fools.

      • People pretending they are intelligent while not making any relevant points but just ad-hominem attacks and arguments from authority are the worst types of people. Anyone can play that game.

        I bet you do not even know the difference between the natural greenhouse effect that has existed since the dawn of human civilization and which allows us to exist as we do(the Earth would be about 60 degrees Celsius colder without it) and the supposedly anthropogenic additional greenhouse effects that are known as man-made global warming that are supposedly going to doom us all.

        You clearly demonstrated your ignorance with the statement of supposedly clear and irrefutable evidence when no actual scientific evidence of AGW exists except for the thousands of widely varying and wholly incomplete computer models that only gullible fools would view as evidence.

        The scientific facts do not say anything to support any theory as the theories are just interpretations of the facts based on the interpreters prior held views or theories, many different theories include the facts as all credible theories are built out of the same facts and as such simply including facts in your theories does not validate your theory in any way.

        A little circular logic does not go a long way, it just seems like it.

        AGW is pure theory built on top of other theory on top of other theory ultimately owing its existence to the Super Greenhouse Theory that tried to explain the high surface temperature of Venus by way of so-called runaway greenhouse effects – but that theory disappeared from public notice in 1980 when it was falsified with the discovery of Venus radiating more energy than it absorbs from the sun, but of course the spawn of SGT have lived on obviously.

        Please point me to one single piece of clear, irrefutable evidence(not theory) that supports Anthropogenic Global Warming, and computer models do not count as evidence nor do the ice core samples that showed CO2 levels rise in response to temperature increase at the end of the last ice age(as that is opposite of what AGW claims).

        Better yet forget the evidence and just find me one AGW computer model that predicts global doom that when applied to the known past based on well documented historical data can accurately model the actual weather or climate patterns that are documented to have occurred through the last 60 years or so.

        If a model can not account for the actual known climate behavior that is well documented in the recent past and the present then I do not get how the hell anyone can think it could predict future climate behavior with any accuracy at all. There is a reason that every computer model I have ever seen have clearly come with disclaimers noting all their obvious inadequacies, though most people unfortunately do not read the papers that accompany the models and just watch the cool movie and would not know.

        Climate change is very real and there is no doubting that human beings do a lot of damage to this planet and that needs to change, and it is also true that the greenhouse effect or system exists is of vital importance to our past, present and future – but if you actually believe there is clear and irrefutable scientific evidence supporting AGW theory you are the biggest fool of all and have clearly not reviewed or simply not understood the real evidence and issues.

        You will have to forgive me for my rudeness as I am not a doctor or a scientist and do not know any better, I just like to read through all those long-winded and linguistically complicated research papers that most people seem to prefer to have others tell them what they say, and it is amazing how different a whole paper can be compared to a few snippets scraped together out of their original contexts to make a specific point – typically portrayed as undeniable fact while the research itself is full of assumptions and statistical probabilities.

        I know when somebody is trying to make an ass out of me by passing off a computer model full of assumptions as a verified, irrefutable scientific fact and I do not like it, but if others want to be made asses of it is their right though I suppose.

        And it is even your right to speak out in support of making an ass of yourself but there is no need to blatantly attack others who disagree with you and not make any intelligent points to address the actual science you are supporting in the progress. You are not helping your cause in any way.

        I know the old adage is to never debate an idiot because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience but in my personal experiences as long as you do not let them drag you down to their level and maintain a decent level of intelligence the idiots always lose(often in a fit of seemingly harsh name calling, lol).

        And no I am not claiming to have superior intelligence to anyone, perhaps the Nice Person here does have far greater intelligence than I do but that clearly does not mean he or she has any greater wisdom than I do, or any at all for that matter.

        I will give some credit however for not using the term Global Warming Denier, but only a small amount.

        • May I ask how much time you spend with climate scientists, how much you read about there work, and so on? You seem to be quite sure of your position.

          A little bit of research shows that most of the anti-Gore/anti-AGW media is financed, marketed and made by well-known advocates of big industries, while the “climategate” theories really don’t add up to much. Can you explain this?

          • What little bit of research would that be exactly, checking Google or Yahoo for the most popular corporate controlled news reports?

            Every side has funding from some corporations(Shell Oil sponsors lots of pro-AGW propaganda) as with over 130 million corporations in the world that is natural, and at least a few of them are going to be hurt by the AGW crusade and it is their legal and lawful right to fund any necessary projects to counter the AGW public relations war and defend their interests.

            The corporate mainstream media costs a lot of money to advertise with so of course only those anti-AGW people or groups with big money sponsors can afford them. Pro-AGW propagandists do not seem to have much financial difficulty there though oddly enough…

            If you go looking for the professional big money backed research groups and sites of course you are going to find big money backing them, it is the thousands of small journals, blogs and personal sites where most of the anti-AGW groups that have only their own funding and wisdom that represent 95% of the anti-AGW camp reside and discuss the real science and issues.

            Focusing on the 5% backed by big money and thus in the more visible mainstream system is not being the least bit honest. And referring to the climate gate theories as if they are the first issue in the AGW crusade is a farce as well.

            The biggest money is in private scientific institutes that are contracted to the tune of billions of dollars by governments and the United Nations and other large scientific associations and institutes to conduct research on anthropogenic climate change.

            When you are getting paid to understand man-made climate change you do not go about it by proving there is no such thing and thus lose all of that vast mass of funding.

            Have you ever wondered how much money over the last 30 years or so has been spent on pro-AGW advertising and literature, commercial spots on corporate TV, documentaries and investigative programs produced by or aired by the corporate media for high cost, and of course the billions that has been spent on the research all that is based on?

            And still after all that money and time the best we can do is develop cool looking computer models with high levels of error based on admittedly incomplete data(we do not know everything that influences climate) that are primarily based on statistical probabilities, to show what exactly?

            Based on the actual data available from the NOAA and NCDC the Northeastern Region has experienced a warming of about 0.80 degrees since 1895.

            Annual 1901 – 2000 Average = 46.27 degF
            Annual 1895 – 2010 Trend = 0.08 degF / Decade


            The data does not support anything more than a natural slight climate change and the well established approx. 30 and 60 year cyclic climatic patterns based on long existing standard greenhouse effect theory.

            It could be construed as supporting a slight increase in the greenhouse effect on our climate yes but there is absolutely ZERO scientific evidence tying human activities or even CO2 to that increase.

            Over the last 100 years the data actually indicates that our climate is stabilizing even while slightly increasing in temperature, the differentials between the actual high and low temperatures have been more or less steadily reducing over the past century.

            AGW is pure theory that has yet to be verified by any actual scientific evidence, all of the actual data(which has some reliability issues itself) is modified and manipulated to fit their theories and develop their snazzy computer models.

            From my view and the view of most of the anti-AGW non-corporate sponsored little guys I have met or dealt with over the years our climate is seemingly stabilizing – as one would expect if it is still recovering from the MWP and so-called Mini Ice Age or possibly another lesser event later than that.

            Stating or even viewing AGW science as proven fact is illogical and anti-scientific, there are few actual facts involved in it beyond the established climatic systems that are included in 99% of non-AGW Climate Change theories as well.

            Maybe soon they will figure out a way to merge all the thousands of different AGW climate models that vary greatly but are all upheld by different people and groups within the AGW movement around the world as proven facts and used to support each other despite their large amount of variations and even differing modeling techniques or systems.

            But since many of them are based on varying equations and produce widely varying and even contradictory results I can not see that happening very soon unless they dismiss 99% of the models as being entirely incorrect.

            Did you know that many if not most of the models today purposefully greatly enhance the effects of the climate change being modeled so as to make it more visible and thus it should supposedly become more easily studied?

            From the many discussions I have had most laymen do not seem to realize that and actually think that it is possible that most of the worlds land mass will become submerged under the oceans within a few hundred years or less.

            Even if their theories of AGW are correct without their enhancement of the effects in their models in reality it would be more like tens or hundreds of thousands of years before that could even become a possibility, possibly millions of years.

            The purposeful displaying of such models without including information about the enhancements made to them to the general layman public is purposeful deceit and fearmongering meant to rally people behind national and international policies that do not have the people or the environments real interests in mind.

            You can believe what you want but AGW is just a theory and far from a proven scientific fact, and yes I am very firm in that conviction just as any real scientist should be.