When A Mothers Love Is Not Enough

Businesswoman and mother Rosa Monckton presents a frank documentary examining why families with disabled children often become the targets of abuse. She speaks to David Cameron – whose son Ivan suffered from epilepsy and cerebral palsy – about the way he coped with his child’s conditions, and highlights high-profile cases in which parents and children were overcome by the intense struggle of daily life

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  1. Whilst I sympathise with David Cameron’s loss of his son and the hard time he had getting help for him, I’m horrified by the fact that disabled people are hugely worse off under his government, with the unfit for purpose work capability assessment, benefits caps, and the unfair “bedroom tax” which disproportionately affects the disabled. Disabled people are dying on a daily basis because of the inhumanity of the system which he has the opportunity to improve but is failing to do so.

  2. The lack of care and ignorance in Britain is absolutely atrocious. And the whole time I was watching this I was disgusted by the fact that the majority of cases like these (children with severe disabilities) are left in the lone care of thier mother’s. Where the FUCK are the fathers? And why do these peope have to jump through so many hoops? Wouldn’t giving a woman a few extra nappies a day cost a lot less than a court case after she looses her shit?

    I know first hand what these families are dealing with, and I know first hand the number of hoops my mum and dad had to jump through to get care for my severely autistic brother. And it’s not good enough, more aids need to be put in place to help families like these.

    We’re not asking for much, we only ask for a bit of breathing room, some respite to get our shit together and some support