When We Grow, This Is What We Can Do

When we grow is a documentary about cannabis in the UK. It looks at the history of the plant, the facts, its many uses and the laws and politics surrounding it.
Follow two young filmmakers on a shoe string budget, as they try to unravel what prohibition of cannabis really means, who it affects, who profits from it and why it was prohibited in the first place.
Featuring interviews with; a cannabis activist, a hydroponic grow shop owner, a cannabis dealer, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology, who just so happens to be a former government drugs policy advisor and a medical marijuana user who would rather die than live without it.

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  1. For dutch people who don’t know english, you can GROK this better in dutch
    Dutch translation is made for this WHEN WE GROW, This is what we can do [dutch].srt
    [email protected]

  2. not to mention make billions !!!!!!!!!!! and be out of debt !!!!!!!!

  3. I had a doctor (originally from Canada) recommend cannabis for my chronic pain. Of course being that I live in the USA, he recommending I grow a plant or two in my closet but we couldn’t talk about it and I would have to be put down as a recreational user in my medical file. I’m thinking about it and putting it in capsule form. I want to get off my pain killers and onto something safer and with less side effects. At least the cannabis would help me sleep too.

  4. we are in a economic collapse, like seriously the structure of our society being based around oil is crumbling, this would make more jobs then ppl can understand if we were able to grow it. but no, we are going towards electric and hydro power, but guess what? hemp oil blew that industry away 100 years ago. like are we really trying to build a pipeline to transport tar sands across the country or just mass produce this plant.

  5. This documentary shouldn’t be under crime. It should be under HEALTH.
    It isn’t a crime for people to grow when they have the license, and nor is it for people who are designated growers of legal medicinal marijuana patients.

  6. amazing.. i already knew all the things they said but every time i hear them it makes me very happy. i grow this beautiful plant here in holland and it has really nothing i repeat : NOTHING that i find a reason to be criminal. of course you can abuse it! of course it CAN cause harm but if thats you,re argument..what do you have to say about the alcohol that you probably regularly drink or the tobacco that you get inside you’re lungs when you stand next to a smoker…

    people i want to say one thing: think rational and be honest to yourself

  7. This is a copy of “The union, the business behind getting high”

  8. An informative and thorough documentary. Congratulations, you deserve any donations.

    You may have attacked the grow shop situation with a little naivety. The poor Dutch fella didn’t need to hide or pretend to you but I feel you behaved in a rather accusatory way… I think he probably is even  allowed to give advice on growing some tasty shit… but it was excellent documentation.Thankyou.Nicely done.

  9. well done mate….very good doc….in this category comes right after “the union” ( inspired a little from there…i think)….but anyway very well done doc…..keep it on….

  10. hmmm I always knew there were positives from this plant. But I didn’t know about the Hemp paper – That is amazing… Why has this not taken off? Damn companies screwing the world around.

  11. Very good documentary. Great video, great sound, well put together.

    For fucks sake when will we get over this shit? Just fucking legalize it.

  12. this is what i dont understand about cannabis movements… you seem to be so obsessed about this issue and plant that it becomes kinda stupid and retarted in our eyes who just dont give a fuck… im for legalization of marijuana but seriously why the fuck do you worship.. some people make oils and clothes from it… i mean wtf… i bet some people even masturbate for it

    • So.. let me get this straight. Hemp/Cannabis can alter the entire industrial scene.. we can get closer to being off Oil, closer to a sustainable future, cure many ailments and end the suffering of millions of human beings.. and you say “who cares about that shit”?

      You’re fucking psychotic. You’re so broken brained that you’re a disgrace to our species.

      This is about the corporatists and their strangle hold over our civilization, and the creeping fascism that’s destroying us. If that’s not important to you, you’re pretty damn helpless.

    • “Brokedick”!

    • “i bet some people even masturbate for it” i do 

    • “why the fuck do you worship.. some people make oils and clothes from it… i mean wtf..”

      wow. This has to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. Ever. And not just because he uses “wtf” AND “what the fuck” in the same sentence.

      Seriously dude. I dont even know what to say except:

      That was dumb. Really dumb.

      EDIT: It is also very popular! Well done. You are entertainingly dumb.

    • You think people making “oils and clothes” from plants is worship?  You’re so fucking stupid.   Are you wearing cotton right now?  Comes from a plant, moron.

      Smoke a fucking joint and shut the fuck up.  I don’t use drugs but you’re fucking stupid.

      Kill yourself you fucking faggot.

    • I think you need to smoke a little pot, mellow out, relax

    • I think you need to smoke a little pot, mellow out, relax

    • You brought yourself to this film, if you knew what you wanted to watch why are you here?
      This video is a good update on the subject and particularly for me.
      If you see things retarded and stupid in the eyes that don’t give a …. 
      sounds like your seeing double and the side you choose is bad one