When You’re Strange

When You’re Strange uncovers historic and previously unseen footage of the illustrious rock quartet and provides new insight into the revolutionary impact of its music and legacy. Directed by award-winning writer/director Tom DiCillo and narrated by Johnny Depp, the film is a riveting account of the band’s history.

Said Depp, “Watching the hypnotic, hitherto unreleased footage of Jim, John, Ray and Robby, I felt like I experienced it all through their eyes. As a rock n’ roll documentary, or any kind of documentary for that matter, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. What an honor to have been involved. I am as proud of this as anything I have ever done.”

The film reveals an intimate perspective on the creative chemistry between drummer John Densmore, guitarist Robby Krieger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and singer Jim Morrison — four brilliant artists who made The Doors one of America’s most iconic and influential rock bands. Using footage shot between the band’s 1965 formation and Morrison’s 1971 death, When You’re Strange follows the band from the corridors of UCLA’s film school, where Manzarek and Morrison met, to the stages of sold-out arenas.

The film is produced by Wolf Films/Strange Pictures, in association with Rhino Entertainment, and released by Abramorama. Additional credits for WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE include producers Dick Wolf, John Beug, Jeff Jampol, and Peter Jankowski. The film is written and directed by Tom DiCillo (“Johnny Suede,” “Living in Oblivion”). Narrated by Johnny Depp.

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  1. My oh of my favorites..

  2. @Bambi L’Amour thanks, for posting the link.  i’ve seen it several times, but i want to re-watch it!  : )

  3. Bollocks.

  4. Bollocks.

  5. Another bullshit video from Documentary Heaven. It’s not the full video so don’t claim it is. 

  6. Here’s a link to the actual documentary. Wait 6 seconds and click “continue as a free user”, then an add will come on and the doc should follow, just click “Play”

  7. It’s only the trailer! This sucks-you should say it’s just a preview,

  8. lets see more than just the trailer, please?

  9. wat happened with the full docu

  10. This idea definitely is spot on.

  11. simple brilliant

  12. …. Oliver Stone, eat your heart out… this is the best documentary about The Doors from their beginnings in 1965 to The End… when Morrison was found dead in his bathtub in Paris !! This is a masterpiece on film !!

  13. The guy who mixed this video is a complete dork.
    The music is like 10 times louder than the narration.

    Anyone heard of a compressor?

  14. A movie worthy Mr. Mojo Risin’


  15. I hope that mr. Stone wil see this movie, and never made a dop-lover from Jim, and never low his voice about politic of USA government.

    Greeetings from Serbia.