Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?

This is Martin Read’s first film, becoming a filmmaker hasn’t been easy for him because when he was 16 his mother kicked him out of the house and he became homeless. Having spent some time in prison and struggled with mental health issues he is now turning his life around but the issue of homelessness is still something he cares passionately about, so in an attempt to raise awareness he has produced this documentary.

There is nearly a 1,000 more people living on the streets today than there were just 5 years ago, many charitable organisations put this down to the 7 billion pounds in cuts to benefits throughout the United Kingdom. Things like the bedroom tax and sanctions have hit the under 25’s more than anyone, forcing an estimated 100,000 of them to become “hidden homeless”, this means they are unregistered and don’t appear on any official papers. In this film Martin catches up with a few of these individuals in order hear their story.

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