Where Did We Come From

Journey back in time to the birth of our solar system to examine whether the key to our planet’s existence might have been the explosive shockwave of an ancient supernova. Meet a chemist who has yielded a new kind of “recipe” for natural processes to assemble and create the building blocks of life. And see how the head louse, a creepy critter that’s been sucking our blood for millions of years, is offering clues about our evolution. Finally, meet neuroscientist André Fenton, who is looking into erasing painful memories with an injection.

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  1. We came from Wal-Mart

  2. Very good documentary, Well worth watching.

  3. Randall, this documentary simply summarizes the latest theory as to how life may have been created and further more attempts to explain how life could develop anywhere in the universe (generally speaking).  It’s about hope and the attempt to understand.  For some people, simply accepting that this is this and that is that – works.  For others, we need to have an answer as to why.  When you grow up and you develop a mentality for seeking answers and trying to make sense of things, you’ll realize that just accepting that we exist isn’t enough.  It’s etched into our humanity to want to know why we’re here and how it all began.  Denying it because you’re unwilling to find the answer, or even scared to accept what it could possibly be is not taking the intellectual high-road.  I wonder how science doesn’t interest people, when it’s about the existance of which they live in.

  4. I find it difficult to believe that we all came from residue off a giant asteroid sent hurtling, randomly through space by an enormous big bang which apparantly created everything that we have today. Although I believe this documentary was prepaired by some very intelligent people, I found it to be about as interesting as my chemistry and physics classes were in school. I paid attention in order to pass the examination in order to achieve a diploma. Since Documentary Heaven does not offer any diplomas or examinations for watching their documentaries and since I am not any further aware of where I came from, I would rate this doc the same as my chemistry teacher was…very dull and boring. I still believe that I came from my parents who lived in London and I’ll just accept life in that respect, and we never had any lice…just lucky, I guess!

  5. We’ve got a bad-ass here!