Which Universe Are We In?

There is an idea once thought to be so radical that just mentioning it was thought to be pure insanity, but now scientists from around the world are daring to believe that it is actually true. They think that our universe is not alone its just one of an infinite number of weird and wonderful worlds. Some where life is familiar, others where things turned out a little differently.

Some of these worlds would be so strange that the laws of nature no longer apply, in others there could be infinite copies of you playing out every possible storyline of your life. It sounds like a plot stolen straight from hollywood but some scientists think that they have actually found the evidence to prove the theory is true and if these scientists are right the question isn’t that if multiple universes exist, it’s which one are we in?

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  1. If black holes suck in energy so intense that light cannot escape from the black hole itself and forces everything to a “Point of Singularity” then why can it not be that at the other end of the “Point of Singularity” is now a Universe that has the energy and force; thus, gravity from the black hole itself to produce a Universe? Also, why cannot a Universe have billions of black holes producing billions of Universes? Why cannot there be other Universes from black holes that are “Independent” from other Universes; thus, Independent from other black holes. For, example, I will use Chocolate chip cookies to prove my point since my point is so confusing. A package of chocolate chip cookies has the chips in each cookie that is representing different universes which are the chips in “one cookie” that are all connected to that one particular cookie, and that one particular cookie is not connected to the other cookies who have universes of their own particular cookie; then, we have all the cookies in one package, but there are many packages of chocolate chip cookies on a shelf that are of the same, but independent from each others’ packages. Why cannot Universes exist like the Chocolate chips in one cookie among the other cookies in one package, and the package among other packages of chocolate chip cookies be independent as well? Therefore, the idea is that the mathematics is stressing “Independence” and “Infinity!” Why cannot Universes be connected like chocolate chips in a single cookie for that particular cookie of independence of the chips and their independence, and be apart of a single cookie that is independent of the same discipline among the other chocolate chip cookies in the same package of chocolate cookies that now becomes an independent package of cookies on the same shelf of other packages of chocolate chip cookies that also have the same mathematics as independent as a package, and independent as a cookie in the package, and independent as a chip in an independent cookie in an independent package? You see this is very confusing; however, when did “Extreme Mathematics” not be confusing?

    However, you will never look at many packages of chocolate chip cookies the same again, and you will never look at a single package of chocolate chip cookies the same again, and you will never look at a single chocolate chip cookie the same again, and you will never look at a single chocolate chip in a cookie the same again, and now you begin to suffer the Mathematics of “Extremity” in a “Mathematically Possibility;” thus, you cannot Mathematically and accurately put this possibility aside and still call yourself a “Mathematician!” You have to suffer my mind, as EYE suffer to understand “GOD’s” mind, and Mathematics is, “THE MIND OF GOD!” Thus, GOD’s mind is PAINFUL to learn! EYE 5

  2. broken vid 🙁

  3. love docs that have a multiverse venue.

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