Who Bombed Omagh?

On a Saturday afternoon in August 1998 a red Vauxhall parked in the centre Omagh, a town located in Country Tyrone, Ireland. Inside this car were two men and up to 500 pounds of explosives, after arming the bomb the two men walked away and melted into the crowd. Waiting nearby was a getaway car, these men and the many more who helped them were responsible for the single worst atrocity of the Irish troubles.

Their legacy is carnage, carnage that was indiscriminate in every way as 29 men, women and children were killed. The bombers were former members of the Provisional IRA who apposed the ceasefire, they called themselves the ‘Real IRA’.

In this Panorama special which originally aired October 2000 sees reporter John Ware investigate the actions of several individuals living in the border counties of Ireland. The programme names individuals who have been questioned by police over the Omagh bombing.

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