Who Built Stonehenge?

Stonehenge, located on the Salisbury Plain in Southern England, has long been associated with Druids, a group of wise men present in England more than 2000 years ago. Still today at Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, Druid celebrations are held at Stonehenge. But were they the actual designers?

Excavations underneath the stones have revealed artifacts, like antler horns, carbon dated at 4000 years ago. Bodies found buried nearby are of the same age. This rules out the Druids, as well as the Romans who followed them. This even pre-dates immigrant settlers from Europe. That leaves a primative people known as Ancient Britons, who lived at the start of the bronze age. Great precision was used in assembling the 15,000 tons of rock into circles. Did they have the know-how?

Examining the stones, the large ones come from just 20 miles away and could have been dragged there by the Ancient Britons. But what of the smaller Bluestones? Investigation shows that they are found 200 miles away in S.W. Wales. Did they have the ability to carry these stones over water for that distance? The recent discovery of an ancient boat made from a log carrying quarried stones, points to the answer. Several of these boats lashed together and covered with a platform could transport the Bluestones. Investigators using manpower and simple wooden scaffolding have shown they had the technology at the time to erect Stonehenge.

The big remaining question is why did they build it? People who study architecture say it was probably a place of worship. Towering over the people as it did, it inspired a sense of something larger than themselves.
The closing segment investigated a mass grave of skeletons found in the area. Using tests on the enamel of the teeth, scientists are able to determine where these people grew up. It was in Wales, the location of the Bluestones.

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  1. It’s always you primitive cave dwellers huh? Definitely not the one people who always been advanced and weren’t never primitive- black Africans duh!
    When y’all gonna learn… Shakespeare, Beethoven, Anne Boleyn: ALL BLACK!

  2. Really? As an engineer you don’t see how they could have built it? That’s your professional opinion? Your degree should be taken away from you for that statement. Humans all over the globe did it quite fine. In many third world countries they still do it today. It’s called hard work.

  3. Things need to be put into perspective a bit,,,,,, after thousands of years using basic tools etc,,, i think it is acceptable that, these people were the masters of their crafts at that time, as for Stone Henge itself? How about,,,,, like several sites world wide,,, of similar antiquity,,,, just after the last Ice age,,, (and that damn squirrel) there was a need to regather basic seasonal timings,,, as the people left,,, would have no idea of spring, summer etc.
    So,, many cultures world wide,,, began the long process of working out the seasons, and associated stuff,,, lunar months, shortest day/ longest day,, all fairly useful for people trying to re-establish a time frame,, seems basic to me. But then i am an old sod who is just interested in these things 😛

  4. as an engineer i don’t belive stonehenge was built by ancient man they did’nt have the brains or the technology go and look at the stones and think about it

    • people with absolutely zero difference from you other than collected knowledge we’re romping around nearly every corner of the globe 40,000 years ago, neanderthals alone in northern europe were the exception not the rule.

  5. Awfull, illinformed, wrong dates and contradicts itself.

  6. uh god created stonehenge on the 12th day duh, and called it my circle of random rocks, behold 🙂

  7. uh god created stonehenge on the 12th day duh, and called it my circle of random rocks, behold 🙂

  8. Incredibly annoying camera work throughout, and white flash transitions.

  9. Great Video very interesting.

  10. It’s funny, whenever they do one of these programs, and they do the facial re-construction, they always act like it’s this scientific process, as if they hire great artists who are well familiar with facial anatomy to do the sculpt, and they always come out looking like complete shite.

    They always have poo face, with some goofy expression, and obviously poor understanding of anatomy and proportion. They actually took months of work to do that reconstruction? That is pathetic, it looks like the first months work of a freshman 3d artist.