The Honeymoon Murder: Who Killed Anni Dewani?

When a beautiful young bride was murdered on her honeymoon in South Africa – allegedly on the orders of her British husband – it made headlines around the world. Nearly three years on, the truth about Anni Dewani’s killing remains a mystery, while in July a British judge ordered Shrien Dewani – still sectioned under the mental health act in the UK – should be extradited to South Africa to stand trial. BBC Panorama has obtained the secret police files which make up the prosecution case against the 33-year-old Bristol businessman, and has commissioned leading forensic experts to review all the evidence. Their findings expose fundamental mistakes both in the police investigation and in the interpretation of forensic evidence. Could Shrien Dewani be – as he has always claimed – an innocent man?

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  1. If it was not a hit. Why not rob the couple and release them together. The husband and wife saw the same thing. But they release him and kill her? She wasnt sexually assaulted why kill her? Why even take her without her husband??? That is odd is it not? And what about the husbands gay affair with the German guy?

  2. Why would anyone WANT to go to Cape Town? Only Anni knows what really happened, Justice will not prevail.