Who was Karl Marx?

2018 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, a German philosopher and Communist icon. After 200 years though is Marx still relevant? It would seem his name is back on everyone’s lips with his writings inspiring portions Europe and China. But how should we approach this new interest in a man who’s legacy not only changed the world but divided it too.

Not everyone shares the same view on his ideas but regardless Marx’s analyses and theories have motivated many people to take political action. In this film we meed activists, witnesses and experts who are able to reveal the true extent of Karl Marx’s impact from the Russian revolution until today.

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  1. Almost all of the key points in Marx’s communist manifesto is implemented by every single democratic country around the world. So why protest against capitalism? Capitalism is based on Marxism. One more thing, Karl Marx’s ideas were ripped off Adam Weishaupt. Please read the communist manifesto, for the love of God just read it. Right now, open a new tab and read it.

  2. We know damn well in East of Europe what has brought Karl Marx (his real name Mordechai Levi) ideology to people: famine, slavery, a dictatorial system, a police state, no freedom of speech, movement, thinking and so on. Too bad his teachings weren’t put in force in West of Europe.