The Whole World is Watching

The Whole World is Watching is a film by Michael Sizer that brings attention to one of societies most pressing issues, our right to free speech and the ability to stand up for ourselves. Sizer set’s about exploring some of the challenges that can be faced by citizen journalists today, including their ability to film in public and expose any wrong doing committed by figures of authority. With the age of social media upon us and where sharing content has become so easy it is clear to see why those in power are wary.

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  1. why does this page delete posted responses- when it is that the doco clearly expresses that it is a persons right to perceive what they choose?

  2. the problem with this reality, is that given we are secularised at birth we all have a preconceived belief structure that would have us perceive the same image differently. so it is left up to connotation and not derivative to pass judgement.

  3. haveing done immeasurable research in respect of what it is to be granted liberty at birth, i find it to be morally bankrupt that equity might assume ownership of your person, even when u are of age! u shouldnt be con-side-red in-sign-if-i-cant if u are in fact the proprietor of gods work.

  4. i think this is wrong – as it were that in order for it to be legal, it must be of the judiciary. if something is of commerce it is not in atonement, and i would think that as we are born in gods image……equity has no right to obtain the image in the first place. 2 wrongs???