Who’s Afraid of Machiavelli?

Niccolo Machiavelli, 16th century Italian diplomat, political thinker, arch bad guy, his name conjures up everything thats sly about human behavior. It’s all because of his book entitled “The Prince”, written over 500 years ago. It’s about power, how to get it and how to keep it. Machiavelli wrote this book in 1513, it was shocking then and it’s shocking now. How useful and relevant is “The Prince” today?

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  1. I wonder if you would you still think that if a 8ft rapist smacked you over the head, tied you up and raped you? Because I think that is pure unadulterated evil where you seem to think it’s a glorious demonstration of power to be respected :/

  2. There is no good and evil, only power and those too weak to seek it.