Why Am I Me?

Professor Susan Greenfield tackles the big idea of human consciousness and asks the important question – why am I me? In this documentary, Greenfield takes a look at how the human brain generates consciousness and just what consciousness is.

Putting a scientific finger on what human consciousness is not at all an easy task as Greenfield points out in her own words…

I think the problem has been why mainstream science is very wary of the study of consciousness is that it is utterly subjective. It is the first person world, as it seems to you. Now science is all about impartial access, third person, clear measurements and here we have something that’s insubstantial and ineffable, some kind of magic and no wonder that is not very practical to scientific method and therefore most scientist would rather be preoccupied with some smaller problem. But as the philosopher John Saul said that’s a bit like saying you’re studying stomach but you’re not interested in digestion.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Susan Greenfield as a sitting member of of the British House of Lords is also know as Baroness Greenfield! Take this interesting journey of discovery and maybe you’ll find out what it means to be you.

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  1. This stuff makes me laugh. Scientists make the assumption that the brain produces consciousness, but cannot prove it. It’s the other way round! Our mind creates our body. Buddha has been saying this for 2500 years.

  2. Was just checking an old email -and ‘google’ brought me to an old comment, at the top.
    Please excuse errors, which I am now conscious of, or just aware of now; ie -‘a’ instead of ‘an’ ; and excuse my rush to judgement about her attire.

    It’s just that Ms G (to me, subjectively) was quietly attractive in skirts and blouses some years ago. Her latest TV persona, is I feel, wrong for her.
    Who am I to say so?. She is who she is………

  3. Trying to understand Documentaries about the brain drives me crazy because I am me.

  4. Trying to understand Documentaries about the brain drives me crazy because I am me.

  5. Seemingly-a educated woman like SG-can’t move away from her ‘ego’-(gender specific tendency-praytell) to wear the most unappealling leather trousers with expensive buckle etc;etc

    Just be -who you are!