Why Do We Dream?

This documentary looks at the secret world of our dreams. In a series of cutting-edge experiments and personal stories, we go in search of the science behind this most enduring mystery and ask: where do dreams come from? Do they have meaning? And ultimately, why do we dream?

What the film reveals is that much of what we thought we knew no longer stands true. Dreams are not simply wild imaginings but play a significant part in all our lives as they have an impact on our memories, the ability to learn, and our mental health.

Most surprisingly, we find nightmares, too, are beneficial and may even explain the survival of our species.

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  1. agreed! i do love my dream world, then i awaken to a nightmare, my husband.

  2. Try removing the links that are no longer available! This site is full of them.

  3. is rarely for me to have a sweet lucid dream, i often have lots of nightmares o.o 

  4. I’m a very Lucid dreamer, I love it. The dreamscape is the one place I am totally free, and practically a God! Crazy as that sounds, I literally create the world around me, make the days longer create oceans, etc. Its so crazy and vivd.

  5. so its like haveing a bad trip and a good one, good trip = good mood, bad trip= bad mood

  6. so to a point the cats are triping,

  7. so to a point the cats are triping,

  8. Ok, so this is really interesting. The human mind, how it works, why we dream. Everything. I have actually experienced lucid dreamig myself, and I can not describe the feeling. It is, fantastic. “I am in the middle of my dream, and suddenly I realize that I am dreaming. I start doing things,  conscious. The feeling of freedom, where only your imagination is the limit, is great. Really”.

    – Amy 17

  9. Really Interesting, the lucid dream part was especially interesting.