Why Poverty?

From the Authors: Why Poverty? uses film to get people talking about poverty.

We commissioned eight documentaries from award-winning film makers and 30 shorts from new and emerging talents. The films are moving, subtle and thought-provoking stories, but they also tackle big issues and pose difficult questions.

The films were shown around the world in November 2012 on more than 70 national broadcasters. The documentaries are now all free to view online. We’ll make them available on DVD and in languages other than English soon. We’ll also be adding educational resources to help people use them as teaching tools.

Our agenda
We’re not a campaigning organisation. We don’t want money. We’re not pushing for a single, specific solution to global poverty.

We do want people to think and ask questions. What is it like to live in poverty? How does it shape you? Why are people still hungry? Why does it matter? What can I do to change the situation?

If you want to find out more about the issues or how you can get involved, there’s more information across the site about the questions raised in the films and links to in-depth resources and organisations working in these areas.

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