Why You Do This

This documentary is a personal story told from the perspective of satellite engineer and vocalist Michael Dafferner, who is a member of an unknown “math-core” metal band called Car Bomb. In 2007 Michael ventures out on his first U.S. tour and discovers that performing in an unknown band playing an unknown genre of music is not the ego boosting experience he was hoping for. The next year Car Bomb is offered a tour with the goth-punk groups Gorgeous Frankenstein and Bella Morte who offer the prospect of playing for large groups of people. Several thousands of dollars in debt and dozens of wasted vacation days later, the band finishes its disappointing tour. Finally, in 2009, Car Bomb is offered a tour with the well known and respected bands Gojira and The Chariot. During this tour Michael learns what it would be like to live out his dream and the costs associated with making that dream come true.
Includes interviews with Lamb of God, Gojira, Richard Christy and many more

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  1. James Robert Edwatds – fuck you

  2. This music is lousy, become a cover band and you might make a little $

  3. Interesting doco, a little amateur but an insightful dissemination of a taboo subject. 

  4. It’s funny how they all assume that if you happen to write pop music/more accessible music, you don’t like the music you are writing. It is also funny how the band makes fun of the artist supporting them at the start of the film, an even less accessible band than themselves, then proceed to spend the entirety of the film saying how hard it is to be in a band that is not commercial. This film was full of contradictions.

  5. I love Last Chance to Reason. Veru inspirational. Sucks thoughl

  6. Rock and roll is not just math