Wild Kalahari

The Kalahari Desert is located in Southern Africa and covers much of Batswana, parts of Namibia and South Africa. It is roughly 900,000 kilometres squared and is considered to be more of a semi-desert as it is scattered with massive tracts of excellent grazing grounds which allow for it to support far more animals and plants than other deserts do, such as the Namib Desert located to the west.

The Kalahari Desert came into existence approximately sixty million years ago along with the formation of the African continent and in this National Geographic special “Wild Kalahari” we explore the fragility of life here as well as the strong family ties required by animals to survive in one of Africa’s most spectacular and difficult landscapes. It is a tale of loyalty and sacrifice, of home and exile, of death and new life, in southern Africa’s largest zebra population. Korepetitoriai, vasaros vaikų stovyklos Vilniuje, Kaune, Klaipėdoje ir anglų kalbos kursai

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