The Winged Beatle

I haven’t really posted many conspiracy documentaries as of late, primarily because most are simply just too outrageous and well this film I guess is no different but I decided to go ahead and post it because I’m sure some of you will find it interesting. The film itself asks the question did Paul McCartney from The Beatles really die in a car crash back in 1966? and was he replaced with a look-alike? Make of this film what you will, and decide for yourself.

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  1. Folks who know about Satanism and magick, and public ritual will understand the supposed sacrifice of Paul.
    Idk about the video on this site, but this doc is on youtube as well, though perhaps in multiple separate parts.

    One thing that I’ve found that I didn’t remember in this doc is a different mirrored image (diagonal from top left to bottom right) of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts.. album cover, making a pyramid which shows (the apparent) Crowley right below the circular ‘eye’ at the top. Hopefully this link works for you, which compares some of the allusions:
    The only thing that I don’t understand listed on this image is “Dove Colom”

    Another thing I recently realized is that the hidden Crowley (listed as the Legionnaire) is behind Diana Dors and Shirley Temple, so he’s figuratively hidden behind the ‘temple doors’. This is the kind of dad humor we all naturally love, which makes potential blood crimes that much more charged.

    Like I said at the beginning, this is part of basically Satanic ritual magick which delights with a reality so horrific and outrageous that seems unbelievable, which really is the point– that’s why things like this, and other events you’ve definitely heard about, are so energetically powerful. If you don’t understand what I mean by power, just think in terms of energy, of human effort and life, and the divisive arguments that stem from these events, especially if this conspiracy happened and has never ended; if this “paul” really is “a very [convincing] double” or “replica”, after being selected and groomed. Even if he is the original Paul, that’s still a lot of publicity for the Beatles and Rock&Roll. It’s a net-win, and then these poor manipulative puppeteer crooks are on to the next plot.

  2. This was a terribly put together documentary… It could have all been said in 10 minutes. I am a Massive Beatles fan and continued till the end hoping for it to improve. It got worse. It was childlike in it`s execution and i can`t believe it got released. A noisy mess that served no purpose.


  4. Brilliant Docu. ive checked this out myself, the use of mirrors is still in use in pop culture today, as is backward masking….i have the original pepper and mystery tour albums and have checked the images myself, led zep also did it……

  5. l’ll just let the topic of playing records backwards, and/or hearing subliminal messages on records for what it is, cause l’m fairly sure it’s been dealt with and decided on (similar hogwash caused Judas Priest having to go to court, after some yoyos shot themselves in the early 90’s). But at 15:00 l can clearly make out the letters OPB and not OPD, you can tell by the two little light dots where the B’s ‘holes’ are (or however you would call them) l mean, come on! Anyway, l will continue watching, simply for the entertainment value (which is nothing to be sneezed at surely)..

  6. Well, now I need part 2.

  7. set a spell and watch this dock you men jury

  8. All three of you are the most astoundingly ignorant people. Oh wait, you’re just like most fools today who possess an instrument that can help you with information and knowledge?

    Why do I say this? Let’s see, commenter #1: Voice comparisons have been performed and his – his impostor’s – DNA has been taken, but you’d either need to watch the film closer OR perform two Google searches to find that out. The answers? I know them but I won’t share them with someone as lazy as you; find out for yourself, good doctor. Oh, and please don’t ever treat me for a cold. I’ll end up with one arm and a lobotomy.

    Commenter #2: What the hell?! Did you watch the documentary or not? How you like to hear Beatles music is a peripheral anecdote having nothing at all to do with the film. Stop wasting other people’s time!

    Commenter #3: You lying sack of detritus. The sum of your writing is a lie. The parts are lies; you’re a liar. Thanks, though, for being the only overt troll to pass by.

  9. The funniest thing here is they could have put the whole thing to rest by comparing voice recordings, finger prints or DNA from the supposed 1st & 2nd Paul. It really wouldn’t be too difficult to come-up with a sample from both & even if they could not then it would be easily proved by examining the DNA from one of his siblings or parents. Mitochondrial DNA also referred to as mtDNA is an exact copy of the mothers DNA & is passed from mother to child. Every child a woman gives birth to will have a complete copy of HER DNA even if the children have different fathers. Whenever an egg cell is fertilized, nuclear chromosomes from a sperm cell enter the egg & combine with the egg’s nuclear DNA, producing a mixture of both parents’ genetic code. The mtDNA from the sperm cell, however, is left behind, outside of the egg cell. So the fertilized egg contains a mixture of the father and mother’s nuclear DNA & an exact copy of the mother’s mtDNA, but none of the father’s mtDNA. The result is that mtDNA is passed on only along the maternal line. This means all of the mtDNA in the cells of a person’s body are copies of his or her mother’s mtDNA, & all of the mother’s mtDNA is a copy of her mother’s, & so on. No matter how far back you go, mtDNA is always inherited only from the mother. Therefore if the siblings mtDNA didn’t match then there is a fraud going on.
    Simply put, there are too many ways to prove all this is a load of #$%^& and why haven’t they been used? Easy, it would have pointed out their beautifully crafted hoax.
    Finally, if you listen to the beginning of the documentary you hear them say the NEW Paul is more talented than the OLD Paul. At the end of the documentary they claim he hadn’t written anything of substance and relied heavily on old Beatles songs for his career. I doubt he would have planned McCartney and Wings would have to end in nine years. It wouldn’t if the band hadn’t slumped and stopped writing songs.
    Thanks all for putting up with my little diatribe! I just can’t help but wonder why in the world if it is all so important to them why they don’t simply use any one of many different techniques today which would give us proof positive if this is Paul McCartney or if the real Paul McCartney died! It would save a good amount of money on documentaries which would be better spent on topics about issues which truly are not known and some digging into them might give us some results which could really be beneficial.
    God Bless &

  10. I was going to say only the most avid Beatles fan would enjoy this, but that may be a stretch. Not very good.

    Personally, I like The Beatles played forward, not in reverse

  11. Warning! This is not a film. This is a jumbled montage of sound clips, samples, & backwards masking. It is very hard to sit through… You have been warned.