Witches: A Century of Murder

This is the story of the British Isles, four hundred years ago, where mass trials and executions erupted across the country and the reasoning behind this chaos and violence boiled down to witches. Back then the people were convinced that they sank ships, brought famine and disease, murdered and maimed because it was believed that these witches worked for Satan.

It sounds like something straight out of a horror film but in fact hundreds of unlucky individuals were persecuted, tortured and put to death in a hysterical effort to stamp out the scourge of witchcraft. Just imagine living in that world, a world where you could be accused, tortured and executed on the basis of nothing more than gossip and superstition.

This film explores how such a deadly and violent idea got so out of control in Britain and asks what was it that drove the persecutors to such awful lengths and what was it like for the victims who were tortured and executed for crimes they couldn’t possibly have been responsible for.

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