Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living

Without Bound is an extremely interesting documentary film that follows a fascinating group of people, who have traded their typical households for a more minimal, off-grid, mobile living, way of life. Taking advantage of trailers, RV’s or whatever vehicle they have a preference for. They themselves can see how they might be confused as being homeless but explain that this way of life is in fact a choice that they have consciously made, trading comfort for freedom.

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  1. Oh man Oh Man I remember the day’s that I was hitchiking all over North America & South America in all I spent five years of my life on the road till I got caught up in the routine of working and having ”the american dream” when in fact it’s a nightmare to keep up with it, now looking back I spent some thirty years working construction as a carpenter and what do I have to show for it well…for starters two heart attacks, diabetes, depression and major anxiety…and things.
    Now I’m retired by force my health won’t allow me to work anymore but hey it wasn’t all bad I am well traveled been to the Artic to Europe and many other places that cost me a arm and a leg lol, I have always stayed off the tourist road prefering to get to know the culture of the places that I have been to. But these day’s I feel stuck how could I get back on the road and get my medication ?
    Keep on trucking guy’s !