Witness to Waco

April 19th 1993, a violent standoff between a radical religious sect and the federal government comes to a fiery end, all eyes are on David Koresh the groups prophet, the government portrays him as a dangerous cult leader but to his followers he is the final messenger.

Nearly two decades after the blaze questions about what really happened at Waco still remain. With rare footage and first hand accounts from those who were situated inside the compound and from behind tactical lines, eyewitnesses to Waco describe how Koresh rose to power and how his kingdom was ultimately destroyed.

Going by the name of the Branch Davidians, this film provides us with an in-depth look into the cult itself and how it drew so much attention.

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  1. I gotta say first I hate all religions, now that is established. The federal government I hate more, cause they do this kind of shit. They just admitted they went to go steal all thier guns. Which is agasint the founders of this country, guess they didn’t read the part that said the right to bare arms shall not be infringed. So you go to some ones house and try to take thier guns and get shot, and then they cry and make up bull shit.

    Atleast they had balls to stand up to the evil of the federal thugs. Who cares what crazy relgious people do in the woods, it’s no body business but theirs. How the land of the free has fallen.

    30 mins in still don’t see anything wrong with what he did. If people want to go be crazy in the woods who cares as I said. They went with free will. Yep they said it at like 36 if there are no complainant no reason to go there. So at 40 mins still no reason to go kill every one.

    Right to bare arms. That retard who says the idea that they wouldn’t do things for money, he says stunt for money. Those bastards do everything for more money, bunch of bull they dont.

    Where is this warrent, what was in it, how did you get It? Just more federal abuse of thier power, because they are evil bastards. Not saying the crazy people in the woods weren’t , but it was thier business, till one of those people asked for help.

    Well sounds to me like standard authority bull to me. It’s 2017 and if you don’t know that a bunch of highly armed federal thugs don’t shoot first and ask questions later I dono what fantasy world you live in, but it is def a fantasy world. If the federal thugs went raiding for some goodies, and the target ignored thier retard cries and went back inside, they would 100 percent start shooting.

    Hahahaha that atf head fake cry made this whole waste of time of a msnbc brain wash movie worth it.

    You know I started this with hate for relgious people. These people change my mind, they faced a unbeatable enemy , and held thier ground.

    Would of all been sloved if the evil federal government didn’t try to steal thier guns. Reminds me of Stalin killing off all his people.

    Thanks for this movie I take it back it’s not brain wash material by msnbc. It shows both sides. It also made me no longer hate relgious people. It takes real character and being a real human, not just a mindless slave to the tyrannical federal government, to stand by your beliefs even when they drive a tank through your house and burn it down.