Woke Up In A Morgue

Cataplexy is a sudden and transient episode of loss of muscle tone, often triggered by emotions. It is a rare disease, but affects roughly 70% of people who have narcolepsy. Cataplexy can also be present as a side effect of SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome.

Cataplexy manifests itself as muscular weakness which may range from a barely perceptible slackening of the facial muscles to the dropping of the jaw or head, weakness at the knees, or a total collapse. Usually the speech is slurred, vision is impaired (double vision, inability to focus), but hearing and awareness remain normal. These attacks are triggered by strong emotions such as exhilaration, anger, fear, surprise, orgasm, awe, embarrassment, and laughter. A person’s efforts to stave off cataplectic attacks by avoiding these emotions may greatly diminish their quality of life, and they may become severely restricted emotionally if diagnosis and treatment is not begun as soon as possible.

Despite its relation to narcolepsy, in most cases, cataplexy must be treated differently and separate medication must be taken. For many years, cataplexy has been treated with tricyclic antidepressants such as imipramine, clomipramine or protriptyline. However these can have unpleasant side-effects and so have been generally replaced by newer drugs such as venlafaxine.

For cataplexy associated with narcolepsy, Xyrem (sodium oxybate) is often recommended.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors may be used to manage both cataplexy and the REM sleep-onset symptoms of sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations.

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  1. These women (any men afflicted?) need tattoos over their hearts.  “I’m not dead yet” could cause quite a stir among the hospital physicians intent on wheeling them to the morgue.  Simple, fast, noninvasive EKG and ECG would (heaven forbid) trump the doctor’s opinion…

  2. if somnambulism can be induced, then anything is possible. The power one can have on another or billions of others is unlimited. The prospect and reality of such power and control drives inadequates into a fervour of canablistic proportions. By inadequates, read psychopaths, sociopaths and the lesser narcissists.

    There you go, June was in the army (they were all vaxed to the max and still are) when she developed this reaction and was prescribed further medications to combat the symptoms of neurological damage induced via vaccine. It’s a military weapon, a bioweapon. The side effects to counter the side effects to counter the side effects of this pernicious experimentation are created a life form of cripples who are basically brain dead. This is a film bragging about their achievements whilst evoking empathy from the public to donate more more more into a ‘cure’. The funds will be used to spread the problem.

    Deep down, we all know the solution.

    Going further down the rabbit hole, MK slaves and tortured people exhibiting symptoms of distress can be ‘written off’ as sufferers of this phemomena. We’re aware of the controls implanted within a slave which when triggered, will induce a death state or any state implanted.

    It’s a terrifying position for parents and carers to be in and equally so for the sufferers. Interesting, how they have extrapolated the condition and the chemical by animal breeding, research and dissection. They are targetting the hypathalmus. Unravelling the matrix of life. Empathy is bad. Sleep is good. Feelings, bad. No feelings, good.
    Flight and Fight are being somersaulted to opposite poles.

    After enduring until part 5 0.55 seconds it’s revealed that her conditon appeared WITHIN HOURS of an ‘immunisation’ injection. Well, glory be! I never. We are not informed of what vaccine this was but immediately told that the condition can be brought on by virus, bacteria, disease (not vaccines of course).

    Then the polished BBC voiceover smugly announces ‘the body is literally devouring its own brain cells’ Bet there was a knighthood for that accomplishment.

    People this is no more than experimentation in action under the guise of ‘saving’ us from the perils already created by those claiming to be our knights in metallic armour; and it is the metals so skillfully delivered via injection, food, respriation, which reduces capacity for the onset of degenerative diseases in the very young.

    Rebecca is on her third course of treatment, hopefull that the results so far can be sustained; i.e. she can function on a nominal level for independent life.

    The voiceover is clearly a call for support for more funding into an experimental antidote to the gross damage caused via vaccines. Naturally, this involves suspending the body’s immune response, having f’d it up to the extent it attacked itself. Anything can be introduced through this portal.

    Anything goes. Is this what we have become ‘hyper cretins’?

    And to round off from beginning to end, the term ‘dead ringer’ originated from the practice of gravediggers to attach a chord within grasp of the buried’s hand to be pulled, thus ringing a bell from above ground to alert anyone within earshot, that someone was buried whilst still alive. Dead ringer became the expression used for someone looking identical to someone dead and buried. As if they were resurrected in the flesh.

    Hollywood horror genre: living dead, zombies.

    • Uhh this probably will mean nothing to you, but vaccines actually contain viruses, by introducing a virus into the body that has been altered to be unable to spread or survive past a certain amount of time, the body will build an immunity to the virus after it discovers it, and when you actually get the virus for real, the body will destroy it on its on. This is essentially how all vaccines work, it pretty close to common sense these days in the developed world. So by saying its caused by a virus, bacteria, etc, you should be able to infer that the virus contained in vaccines would apply as well. Not a vaccine as a whole, but being more precise, and simply saying a virus.. Anyway, you sound vary far gone so im sure i just wasted my time typing this.

      • You’ve woken up in a morgue and made it home.

      • Yes, I AM ‘very far advanced’ because guess what? I was indoctrinated with the sales pitch BS just like you and everybody else is from childhood, but hey, guess what? I GREW UP and learned the facts. Vaccines cause brain damage ….. somehow many of us survived well enough to still question and research. Uhhh!

  3. Case 1: the term ‘paralytic with laughter’ made evident and the poor women has to avoid funny jokes which has made me cataclysmic with laughter. Like Monty Python’s The Deadliest Joke in The World  – the paradox of avoiding humour as a potential killer is in itself very funny indeed. I nearly died laughing … Jane’s the best.

    Case 3 looks at home in a morgue – as in morgana’sh in looks. On a more serious note (BBC would not broadcast on a flippant whim) could this be yet another ruse for Big Pharma’s introduction of yet more emotion-suppressent drugs? Enter the neurobiologists; behavioural modification butchers extraordinaire’. Their aims are torture, their effects are a terrorised humanity seeking release (through medications) from this torture that right emotions evince in these cases. Most likely cause: vaccine damage. Damage caused through the same line of neurobiologists recruited to execute the Darwinian proof of survival of the fittest and transhumanism. To bridge the gap, emotions must be redirected, suppressed or eliminated. Pain becomes pleasure, pleasure becomes pain.

    Bottom line is (as of part two 6.35 minutes) if they can perfect the technology to reproduce the response that only human interaction can induce, they’ve cracked a major landmark in the manipulation of humanity. The aim is to induce the same intensity of mirth or anger that being in the company of others (via empathic link) produces. Once this ‘signal’ is fully identified and manipulated, people will come to love their enslavement. Programmed to ‘anger’ when heart-felt common sense questions and information is presented which contradicts the programmed reality. Programmed to laugh with genuine feeling at propaganda knocking ‘conspiracy nuts’ or factual evidence.

    These people may have woken up in a literal morgue. We all need to wake up from being the somnambulistic targets of warfare. I woke up in an Asylum; I am awake within the madhouse run by lunatics. This vid serves as a metaphor for that ‘awakening’ experience. Ignorance is comparative bliss yet ignorance perpetuates the horror of insanity:war. If this state could be induced via airiel spraying, what we are seeing here is that question being expolored. We’re watching R&D in action.

    Empathy and individuation are the final barriers to long term global domination of the few over the majority. How would life be if every time you saw something as funny, as in riduculous, you were paralysed. Or if you were shown horrific trauma, you would become paralysed. But in each case, only if you responded naturally which is recorded by emotional charge.

    In considering all of the ramifications, consider how far they have come. Depressed, Bipolar? There’s an example of taking a bullet to dissassociate from feelings: natural emotions in response to an insane environment. It’s the norm to take the Prozac panacea and on to a feast of cute and pernicious labels attached to neurotoxins.

    Through such engineering and ‘herd’ management, the right combination of neurotoxins could be vapourised throughout the atmosphere in any specific or general location at any time for any purpose. The general population would be unconscious; the motive force, protected either via psychopathy or protective equipment.

    This docu highlights the ignorance of doctors together with the twin arrogance born of such ignorance of what is ‘life’ and what is ‘death’. They are at a lost partly because they are not trained to cope with biowarfare effects from drugs they proscribe and have lost touch with any notion of clinical evaluation in favour of what Pharma, the machines delivering deadly radiation and other false objective ‘science’ they’re trained to worship in return for training and a lucrative trade in this vast experimental lab.

    So case One, Jane, was given medication which did not prevent further attacks.

    Case three, Andrea,  describes sleep paralysis, plus hallucinatory phenomena with coresponding  physical sensations. I know this one. Oh, a sleep specialist is now caring for her with medications, no doubt.

    The induced dream state reality is the ideal for the superstate oligarchy from which to direct the destiny of mankind and earth. A somnambulistic cretinous creature which can be either animated or extinguished according to the will of those in control. We see this in the ‘stars’ of MK slaves for our children to emulate.

    We are sleepwalkers, dreamers, who awoke to a devastated paradise too late. 

    When we read the paralysing headlines of a parent murdering their children; medication and the SS are not mentioned but most surely play a part. Mothers having their worst nightmare have awoken to find that they have committed it under medication. They take the rap but are entirely blameless as the most aggrieved victim. The protective and defensive instinctual emotions hardwired into our beings will, under certain pressures, produce nightmares. These nightmares are increased by sleeping pills and other narcotics unlawfully but legally sanctioned.

    In parallel lines, we are also bombarded by psychopathic activities which are the grossest form of life producing the revoltingrevolution if avaricious bestial lust. Thus we are left in limbo, a paralytic arrest between two equally monstrous realities without guidance or hope.

    Andrea describes the ‘shadow man’. I encountered this shadow man at the age of 14 and from then until the age of 28, experienced periodical sleep paralysis. After this, it became less frequent. I trace this back to an experience when I was 3 or 4 which resulted in a ‘dream’ in fact two ‘dreams’ where I was consciously recording events but unable to affect my position – to escape unless I awakened which was the only escape.

    From 14 to 21 I would be fighting for my breath and fighting for my life on occassions when these waking dreams occurred. The sensation of being ‘dragged down’ and off the bed; pressure on the chest; seeing the room ‘upside down’ and struggling with immense determination not to sink, go down, be dragged away …. and remember to breath.

    Andrea can, like others, be triggered by television into a catatonic state, yet she still persists in plugging in and turning on. No-one’s told her any different; all these experts and pills can’t stretch to the freely available common sense. She says something powerful: once she realised she was asleep, dreaming, she woke up.

    That’s the key. Those who realise they have been asleep are those who are awake and only those who are awake to the fact that they’ve been asleep and for how long and why, are able to function in directing the reality. If Somnambulism (WATCH THAT ISM)